Hygge is the Danish way of living that is sweeping the UK. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’,  there isn’t any direct translation into English but it basically means cosying up, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere and enjoying the good and simple things in life. If you think about a cold winter’s evening,… View Post

I really love gallery walls, and I have been so pleased to see that this is a trend that looks set to stick around a while longer. I am currently curating a gallery wall for a very large, very white, very blank wall in our kitchen. I might actually get… View Post

I am so excited to share some of my honeymoon with you. I initially didn’t think I would, preferring to keep it private between me and my new hubby, but I was totally blown away by Italy and the blogger inside me can’t help but share a few highlights, as you’ll… View Post

OK, stick with me on this one as this post is a biiiiiit late considering we visited Greece in July, but I stumbled across these pictures of our latest visit to Assos yesterday and I just love this part of Kefalonia too much not to share with you. We have… View Post

I have always been a fan of Marks and Spencer’s. I think I have said it here before, but it’s namely because I could go shopping there with my Grandparents; I would find something, my Grandma would find something and then my Granddad would be able to treat us all… View Post