Here is the latest 5 favourite things from me, and I have a good mix of stuff to share with you. Put the kettle on and give yourself well deserved break, and get stuck in. An interview with Jenna Lyons on etiquette – on Garance Doré. Talking about elegance and… View Post

When I was planning our kitchen, my first port of call for inspiration was obviously Pinterest (see my kitchen inspiration board here), and I soon realised all the images catching my eye had one thing in common – open kitchen shelves. They were also a perfect option for us as… View Post

The Maldives is one of those destinations often saved for honeymoons, big anniversaries or the very rich. It is without a doubt a luxury destination, with a price tag to match, and can often seem out of reach to many of us. This is what I thought too, but after a… View Post

So I am a girl with lofty ambitions; one of them is to own a super yacht…oh ok, just to take a trip on would would do, as would a trip in a private jet and a stay on a private island! Pretty unachievable when you are not Beyoncé, but a… View Post