The benefits of a silk pillowcase

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So hear me out with this one. I know it sounds crazy, but there are a number of reported benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Models, dermatologists, celebrities and make-up artists across the world are laying their weary heads down, not onto a regular cotton pillowcases, but silk. Why? Well, it’s not because they just want to take their luxury lifestyle one step further, but because a silk pillowcase can help reduce wrinkles, prevent skin creases, keep your hair smooth, reduce acne and maintain your skin’s moisture levels. It’s also natural, and naturally hypoallergenic, so won’t cause your skin any irritation.

Why does it matter? Well, if you are getting as much sleep as we should all be – so around eight hours a night, your face is likely to be squished into your pillow for 56 hours a week. That’s over 200 hours a month, and a whopping 2,912 hours a year! It could be the greatest preventative skin care you’ll come across, bar not smoking and keeping hydrated.

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Here’s the info:

Reduce wrinkles and creases – Silk is slippery, so your face won’t get pushed and pulled around your pillow as you move around in your sleep, and you won’t get skin creases when you wake up.

Keep your hair in control – If you are fed up of waking up with your hair looking as it if went raving without you, silk might be of help.  Silk contains the same naturally occurring proteins as hair, so doesn’t take the moisture out of your hair. It also reduces friction and static, meaning your hair stays smooth throughout the night so you wake up with a more manageable do.

Save your skin cream – Cotton absorbs creams, oils and whatever other expensive potions you may have put onto your face just before you get into bed. Silk won’t do this, so what you’ve put onto your face will benefit your face, not your pillowcase.

Reduce spots – I don’t know what the science is behind this one, but the skincare goddess Carline Hirons suggested that since sleeping on silk she had stopped getting large cystic spots. That was enough of a reason for me to give it a go.

My conclusion

I still get crazy hair, although I think that is part of the very fibre that makes me me and nothing in the world will stop me waking up looking like a madwoman. However, I definitely get fewer large, sore spots and waking up with a crease down my face is history.

And I won’t lie – it feels divine! When I had to sleep on cotton a few days ago, it was like sleeping on an scratchy envelope in comparison to my silky smooth silk. My pillowcase now travels with me

Where to buy

I bought the Gingerlilly silk pillowcase from House of Fraser, and thanks to a voucher I had it only cost me a few pounds. However, knowing what I know now, I would pay full price for one of these bad boys.

John Lewis £35

Gingerlilly £39

Charlotte & Co £39

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