Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with HillarysMy favourite thing about winter is drawing the curtains on a dark and cold night and cocooning myself in my home for the night.

It is the first thing I do when I get home on an evening followed by turning on all the lamps and lighting some candles to create a gorgeous soft ambience.

But it wasn’t until I moved in to my current home that I realised the impact, significance and necessity of quality curtains in a room!

Our house is a big, draughty Edwardian home with massive windows and the previous owners took many of the existing curtains with them (and left the ones we really didn’t want). Our house can be chilly and with no curtains it can feel positively frosty!

My first attempt at getting curtains for our guest bedroom wasn’t exactly a success. I tried to save money and sourced the material from the Birmingham Rag markets and took it to a lady who did a bit of sewing after her day job.

Let’s just say this budget option looked, well, budget. The material I picked was awful for curtains and I measured and hung the curtains myself. They looked terrible and I immediately vowed never to take the budget route again. We have put up with them for years but quite frankly they have been embarrassing!

So when Hillarys got in touch to see if I would like to try out their service it was a no brainier. I knew straight away that I wanted to replace the shoddy DIY-job curtains with something that was much better quality and actually fit the window.

Hillarys have just launched a new range of fabrics that are just perfect for curtains and blinds and are right up to date in terms of style, colour and patterns.

To showcase their new fabrics and as part of their #IWANTTHATSTYLE campaign, they asked four interior designers to create four different looks with the new range; Colour Clash by Sophie Robinson, Minimal Luxe by Daniela Tasca-York, Modern Rustic by Emily Henson and Urban Glamour by Kate Watson-Smyth.

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with HillarysWhilst I love them all and was particularly taken with Kate’s charcoal, blush pink and gold colourway, I was immediately drawn to Daniela Tasca-York’s who you may remember from the Great Interior Design Challenge.

Her minimal luxe style is very much in keeping with my own and was just the feel that I wanted for this room. I wanted to create a calm, bright space playing on the light that comes in and creating a lovely guest bedroom.

The Hillarys service

The first thing to do was to pick a fabric. As Hillarys offer a full in-home service, I made my appointment and their local representative Pete came over to the house armed with hundreds of fabric samples.

I wanted to create a relaxing haven for our guests and I knew I wanted to keep the curtains pretty simple so I could change up the paint colour on the walls at a later date. I told Pete the type of thing I was looking for and he quickly pulled out a few options.

I narrowed it down to two – this lovely grey and a simple white plain.  They both looked gorgeous, with the grey adding a warmth to the room and the white keeping it fresh and breezy.

Pete advised the best type of style, fitting and and header options which was really useful especially as our walls and floors are far from straight and even which makes getting the curtains to sit evenly on the floor a bit tricky.

The curtains took about two weeks to make and on the fitting day Pete came back and got to work fitting the curtains. Pete put up the curtains, securing the rail so it could take the weight of the heavy fabric, tweaking the length to ensure they were perfect and then steamed the curtains to make sure they were crease free and looking great.

What curtains I chose for my minimal luxe bedroom

I went for full length curtains in the Tetbury white fabric which is a lovely soft plain white fabric that hangs really nicely. I also opted for black out lining as this has thermal qualities and means the light from the street won’t filter in to the room and helping to create a hotel-esque experience for my friends and family staying over.

I went with a pinch pleat header which we have throughout the rest of our home. It is more traditional than say a wave header and in keeping with the period details in the house. Also Pete advised it would be the best option to allow for the uneven floor meaning we could still get a straight-looking finish!

The room was instantly transformed and went from a bit embarrassing to rather wow!

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

Creating a minimal luxe bedroom with Hillarys

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Bed from Loaf
Collete Bedside table from Maisons du Monde
Avignon bedding from The White Company
Vase and faux peonies from Cox and Cox (as seen previously here)
Black and white print from Desenio
Pom pom throw from HomeSense
Ikea basket with handles
Giant knit throw from Lauren Aston Designs
Z1 light by Ay Illuminate

The new curtains set me off on giving the guest bedroom a minimal luxe makeover and I must admit I really love it.

I did a bit of furniture shifting around from other rooms in the house (with a fair bit of arguing, bribing and nagging at Will to help!) and the room has come together really nicely.

I am still tempted to paint the walls and cupboards but I am undecided about the colour so that might come at a later date.

How to create a minimal luxe bedroom

Keep to neutrals

A neutral colour palette is very calming and relaxed and perfect for a minimal luxe look. It doesn’t need to be all stark white – chose neutrals that have warmth in them and layer in different tones. Neutrals also allow you to mix and match – keeping the window dressings simple and white means I can change the rest of the room and the curtains will always work!

Layer the bed

Minimal luxe is all about taking the pared down minimal look and adding in plenty of luxe elements to make it interesting and luxurious. For the bed, this is all about layering. I love this chunky knit blanket form Lauren Aston Designs which is the softest thing I have ever come across. I also like to add a different colour bottom sheet to the duvet colour and adding in tonal cushions to create a hotel-look.

Keep artwork simple

Black and white artwork will add interest without overpowering the rest of the room. Frames and mounts also help elevate a simple print making it look more luxe that perhaps the price tag would suggest!

Add a pop of greenery

Plants add such a homely touch to interiors and are the perfect pop of colour in a minimal luxe bedroom.

Statement lighting

And last but not least a statement light fixture will really help elevate a minimal luxe bedroom. I love this artisan Z1 pendant light by Ay Illuminate but it has divided opinion in our house!


What do you think? Are you a fan of the minimal luxe look?


This post was created in collaboration with Hillarys but as always my words and
opinions are my own.

All photographs by Marlene Lee



  1. Pam mills
    November 16, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    I’ve been putting off getting curtains for my living room for a while now. I have blinds, so the curtains are purely cosmetic. I thought it was going to be a massive hassle to measure, choose styles and fabrics etc. Especially as I have a 14 week old baby, and spare time is minimal! I’m definitely going to try Hillary’s now. This post has shown me the whole process doesn’t have to be the ordeal I had pictured. I love the style you chose for your room. They finish it of beautifully.

    • greeneyed
      November 16, 2017 / 8:50 pm

      I am a total convert to taking the easy route with curtains now and the fact that you don’t even need to leaver the house is a treat! Perfect if you have a new baby! 🙂 Claire x

  2. Joanne Johnson
    November 16, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    Love this! Our home also has large windows which are so difficult to find curtains for. We’ve made mistakes in the past buying ready made (currently the living room only has blinds because of this!) so will have to investigate further. I like your advice to buy neutrals. Can you suggest what I should go for to match my nearly painted mid blue walls? Also love the statement light fitting! I can imagine many of your guests may have to watch where they walk, but it’s worth it (and I’d never have to worry about hitting my head !)

    • greeneyed
      November 16, 2017 / 8:54 pm

      Haha the light fitting is quite low but it’s over the be so we don’t have to worry about hitting our heads!
      Hmmm, perhaps a modern pattern to go with the blue walls – I like Eclipse Denim or Lavida Grey perhaps? Claire x