Tried and tested: I put my Aquaclean sofa to the test

This is a paid partnership with Aquaclean
Hello friends! How are you keeping? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I’ve been testing out a sofa in the busiest room in my house and i’ve been planning on giving you an update for a little while.
Now with most people in lockdown and spending more time than ever at home and on their sofas I thought this might be a good time to share.
Over the past number of months I’ve been working with Aquaclean as a brand ambassador and have been putting their family friendly fabric to the test.
And I really have been putting it to the test.
My gorgeous rose sofa from The Lounge Co in violet gin Aquaclean fabric arrived six months ago in September last year. I literally published this blog post about it the day I was in labour and the very next day I was sitting on that sofa bleary eyed and deliriously happy with my perfect new baby.
Since then, that sofa has been through it all with us.
Learning to breastfeed. Visitors. Cats. One handed drinking. One handed eating. Milk. Vomit. Wine – plenty of wine! It has been sat on, slept on, jumped on, flopped on, cried on, laughed on. You name it.
You might be thinking it is already time for that sofa to be replaced but it is perfect. And I can assure you I have had neither the time or inclination to be tip-toeing around, covering it up with a throw or even being particularly careful with it. Quite frankly, I have been too occupied with figuring out motherhood to do any of that. And that has been a messy business! That poor sofa has had a much harsher test than I imagined when I signed up to test it out!
But Aquaclean make fabric for exactly this – for life to continue and your sofa to fit in around your life not the other way round. There is no compromise on style either.
I outlined in this post here exactly what my criteria was for a sofa for the busiest area in our house and how that meant I had put off buying one for years. It seemed impossible to find something suitable.
But Aquaclean came along and sounded like exactly what I was after. It is an innovative sofa fabric range that can be easily cleaned and any stain can be removed using just water. It uses new technology specifically for sofas that is within the fabric not just sprayed on top.

Every thread of material is coated with a completely natural (hoorah for no nasties harming our environment), unique technology which means that nothing is impossible to remove… however long it is left.

You just need to add water to the stain which coaxes it to the surface and washes it off.

So, so brilliant and just what I needed.

Putting our Aquaclean sofa to the test

First of all the sofa has lived up to regular, day to day wear very well. It is sat on every single day, by me, a baby, my husband, visitors, the cat…(*for more on the cat see at the bottom)

In fact, the cat has taken a particular liking to it and now she has started moulting ready for the warmer weather, she is depositing hair on it on a daily basis. Aquaclean fabrics have a treatment that prevents dust and hair from adhering to the fabric so it has been easy to brush and hoover those hairs right off.

In terms of accidents and spills, thanks to the baby the sofa has seen it all. Plenty of which I would say goes above just regular day to day wear.

In the last six months, I have cleaned off biro, milk, baby dribble and vomit (sorry if TMI), spilled drinks and food including tomato pasta sauce  (I was nervous at this one, I won’t lie) all with a bit of water and some paper towel.

Don’t believe me? Thought you might be a little unsure that I was telling the truth so I did some tests for you!

I tested out some pretty tough stain contenders to see if the stains really would come out with just water: Cranberry sauce, black coffee, red wine and biro. 

I also did milk but it cleaned up SO easily – it just soaked up with kitchen paper and was gone – that I thought I would do it again with something a bit tougher and did it over with the coffee.

First of all, I mopped up the excess stuff/liquids with tissue paper – the liquids soaked up pretty well getting rid of a lot already.

Then I poured over water on to the stains and let it soak in. After a minute or two I went in with the kitchen paper and wiped/dabbed at the area.

The cranberry sauce came off pretty easily in a minute or two. After a while I looked again and thought I could see a very faint hint of pink so went over it again with another pour of water and some more rubs just to be sure. There was no trace whatsoever ever after that.

The coffee came up prettily easily.

The red wine was the toughest. I gave it two pours of water and then the next day went over it again but it did come out.

I thought the biro would be really tough but it wasn’t too bad. Again, I gave it two pours of water and after the second it was all gone!

But all stains gone pretty quickly and easily – bravo Aquaclean. I have got to say, I have been really impressed and it has meant one less thing to worry about.

So there you have it. So far, so good. I highly recommend if you are a bit clumsy , don’t want to tip-toe round your sofa, have kids, dogs, babies, messy husbands, guests you can’t trust or all of the above!

So, you want one now too don’t you!

Where to get an Aquaclean sofa from

Aquaclean fabric is now available from pretty much all the big sofa retailers. You can see them all on the Aquaclean website here.

I went for a Rose sofa from The Lounge Co in Violet Gin which is a pale grey with very slight purple undertones in certain lights (not much though). I love the gorgeous traditional style and it is wonderfully comfortable.

Also, given the times we are in where we can’t get out to test sofas out and there are likely to be delays on orders, I thought it might still be useful for you to know that I ordered this sofa purely online without seeing or sitting on it first.  I have not regretted that for a moment, it really is very comfy.

I’d love to hear if you have ever suffered an irreparable sofa stain and wished you had Aquaclean?

*Talking about the cat…as an aside, one of my hopes for this fabric was that the cat didn’t scratch it. Initially I was going to get a velvet as cats seem less inclined to pull at that but that didn’t feel right for our kitchen space. In the end I chose a cotton touch fabric which doesn’t have a pronounced weave and my thinking was the cat couldn’t get her claws in to it. I don’t want to vouch for every cat, but for us, so far so good. I have not seen her actively scratching it and if she has there aren’t any pulls. Please note:  Aquaclean don’t make any statements about being safe from cats claws – it was just my hope that it might be and so far it seems to be holding up.






  1. April 19, 2020 / 9:09 am

    I absolutely need one of these for my front room – my green velvet couch is a disaster and only two years old!

    • greeneyed
      April 20, 2020 / 9:54 am

      It is such a weight off knowing it can get lived on and will still survive to tell the tale!
      Gutted for your green sofa though – it is a beauty! xx