Barcelona’s La Mercè Festival 2013 – The last day

For our last day in Barcelona, we wanted to take it easy, enjoy the sun and soak up some of the Barcelona sights before we headed back to rainy UK.

We started off with a bit of breakfast in El Born, and then went for a peek inside the The Santa María del Mar Church which we had walked passed many times during our visit. If we thought the outside was intriguing, we had a treat in store.

As you walk in you are hit by the light streaming in from up high, bouncing off the columns.


The church was named after the patron saint of local fishermen, and is an incredibly relaxing and soothing place to have a few moments to yourself.


The stone that made it was carried on porters backs from nearby Montjuic. Which is exactly where we were heading to next.

We took the funicular up to the Telefèric de Montjuïc, but before we hopped in to a cable car, we had a nose around the pool that was built for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.  It was also used for the World Championships earlier this year.


The gates were being repaired, and the workmen let us sneak in to have a proper look.  We ran up the miles of stairs to get the best view.


You might recognise this setting from a certain Kylie Minogue’s video Slow. 


Before I hit the deck to try and recreate Kylie’s moves, we moved quickly on to the cable cars and made our way up the hill.



At the top is a castle – obviously – and great views spanning the city.





There’s always a little time for pretending your on a cliff edge




After we left the hill we went to our favourite place…for you guessed it…some vino!




Sparkling Rosé. Yum!

To finish up our La Mercè experience, we had to see a projections show, and the one held in the Plaça de Sant Jaume is a favourite.

It was a bit crazy, I’ve got to say. Here is a whale….


Then some forestry…


And some half naked men using popcorn as parachutes, naturally. Sadly I didn’t get a picture of the chickens!


And after that, it was an early morning flight back home and back to reality.

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