Kitten rescue

Once upon a time there was a little girl that dreamed of finding a lonely little kitten on her doorstep that needed rescuing. In her dreams, she would scoop that little kitten up in her arms and tell it that everything would be OK. Sadly for the little girl, that dream never came true.


Many years passed, and the little girl grew up. Sometimes she would still think about that sad little kitten that needed rescuing. Then one cold November night, when the icy wind was shaking the trees, there was a knock on the door.

An old lady peered through the glass. “Are these kittens yours?”, she said.

The girl thought it was a trick and shut the door quickly. She waited until the lady had gone, then quietly opened the door and peeked round to see if there really were kittens. There, on road right outside the girl’s house were three beautiful kittens; the cold wind whipping through their fur. They had no momma cat, no human, no one to look after them. They were kittens in need of rescuing.

The girl scooped them up into her arms and whispered to them that it would be OK.


They were very cold, thirsty and hungry so she gave them something to eat and drink.


Then she gave them somewhere warm to sleep.


Then she went on a mission to find out where they came from. She spoke to as many people as she could, but she couldn’t find out who they belonged to. She took them to the vets, and made sure they were healthy. She called many rehoming centres, but everywhere was full. The kittens had no where to live.

At first the kittens were very afraid of the girl. They would hide if she came near.



But then the bravest kitten realised the girl was helping them, and wasn’t afraid anymore.


The girl’s friend fell in love with the little white kitten, and wanted to rescue it. So the little white kitten found a lovely new home.

Soon, the black and white kittens realised the girl was friendly. They too became brave, and started to play.





This little black and white kitten started to dream of a future in modelling.


Then, one morning a surprising thing happened. The Momma cat turned up. At first she was too afraid to come inside, but her kitttens called her and she came in. She was so hungry, she ate and ate and ate. And her kittens had some milk.


She was a very friendly cat.

The girl wanted to keep the kittens, but her other pets were not very happy. She knew she had to find them new homes. Luckily, someone was looking for two cheeky little kittens, and as soon as they met the little black and white kittens, they scooped them up into their arms and told them it was going to be more than OK. It was going to be great.


The girl was sad to see the kittens go, but knew they were going to a good home.

Now she just had to figure out what to do with Momma cat.


Do you know who this little cat is? Is she yours? She has no chip, but loves attention and must have come from a loving home. Can you help?

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  1. Osborne
    December 1, 2013 / 9:35 pm

    Proud of you Finding those kittens good homes. And not upsetting honey bun One day that little girl. May have. A little kittie. e

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