Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

Do you know that feeling, where you have to do something in particular to make it feel like something is real? A personal ritual? For me, my ritual that makes Christmas Christmas is putting up the tree and wrapping presents.  Now, not just any old throwing up of a tree and slapping some selotape to paper. I like to create the perfect Christmas ambience. Christmas songs on or an old Christmas film in the background, candles filling the room with twinkling light and Christmas smells, a glass of Baileys….you get the picture. It just makes Christmas feel very real to me.

Candle and tree

The Winter candle from The White Company smells delicious and last for ages.


Me decorating tree 1

The Christmas jumper is optional but it does add to the festivities! This one is from ASOS and is super thick and warm.

hand hanging bauble

I’ve got a range of glass, silver and white decorations that I think are just beautiful with the lights shining through them.

stringy glass bauble

I like to buy a special ornament each year. This little beauty was bought in Salzburg.


glass bubble

bubble bauble

me close up

under the tree

My mum never let us help decorate the tree as a child as she was too particular about it, and although I wouldn’t like any human help I love the company from a furry friend – even though she got a bit nibble happy on the tree and the wires.

santas little helper

Rudolph is just checking we are doing everything right. He was from the Birmingham Christmas market last year for only £10!


I love making gifts look as good on the outside as they will on the inside, and I took extra care in wrapping the presents this year, giving them some festive decorations. Not only do they look great under my tree, but hopefully my friends and family will love to receive them.


I picked up the ribbon from the Birmingham Rag Markets – but you can get lovely ribbon from any haberdashery style store and it is MUCH cheaper than the ribbon decorations that you would buy with wrapping paper in a shop. Bog standard brown parcel paper also makes a cheap wrapping paper and is a perfect backdrop for a ribbon. The cones fell from a tree outside my grandparents house and I found some thin garden wire in the garage which was perfect to attach them to the presents.

Bow and cone gift

Red bow and gifts under tree

cone gift

Cones and fireplace

It was so easy to do and I think the result was definitely worth the effort. What do you think?

Now I have done the tree and the wrapping, I am feeling super festive and can barely wait for Christmas now. What’s your Christmas ritual?

honey bunny

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