A night out in Chicago

After a long first day in Chicago (read about it here), I left the comfort of the hotel (and the comfiest bed ever) to go on a date with the Mr.

The Green Eyed Girl in Chicago

I slipped on a slinky black jumpsuit, pulled a pair of Choos onto my aching feet, spritzed on some Chanel and was raring to go.

The Green Eyed Girl in Chicago


The Green Eyed Girl in Chicago

Black and lace jumpsuit (similar here, here and here) // Chanel lipstick // Jimmy Choos (sold out in black but available in silver here) // Mulberry bag (similar style here), Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume.

We headed out on foot to a restaurant the Mr had found on Tripadvisor that was close to our hotel.

The Green Eyed Girl in Chicago

It was like stepping into old Italy inside.

Eating out in Chicago

Bubbles for me and a beer for the gentleman, we perused the menu. I am notoriously AWFUL at deciding on what to have, and often end up panic ordering when the waitress is there.

The Green Eyed Girl

Deciding what to order in Chicago

In the end, I decided on a crab salad with grilled courgette, asparagus and orange.

Crab salad in Chicago

It was light, fresh and delicious. Mr B went for a super healthy kale Caesar salad. Is American kale different to UK kale?  It looked and tasted more like spinach – perhaps they’d run out!

Kale Salad The Green Eyed Girl

I then went for the squash ravioli with browned walnut butter. It was sweet and satisfying.

The Green Eyed Girl eats ravioli

He went for pork tenderloin with roasted corn.

Pork loin

Despite not being a massive fan of corn, he loved the meal and was impressed to see a piece of pork cooked rare – something people in the UK are nervous to do it.

We decided to skip desert and have cocktails instead.

We chatted and sipped our drinks happily, but felt ever so slightly rushed by the incredibly efficient waiting staff. Where we could have spent two hours lingering over our food and drink, we were all done and dusted in about 40 minutes.

We headed back onto the streets, and hailed down a taxi to an area nearby that had a number of bars and night spots.

We went into a place which was full to the brim, and had a lively, excitable atmosphere. We squeezed our way to the bar and ordered mojito for me and gin for the boy.

A night out in Chicago

The Green Eyed Girl drinks mojito

Cheers in Chicago

A bar in Chicago

I love soaking up the atmosphere of different places, and seeing how different countries do everyday things like socialise. Even in America things are very different from the UK. This bar was full of people our age and older, out having a great time with their friends. People were tapping their feet to the music, flirty and laughing. The bar staff were pros, working quickly and ensuring nobody had to queue. There was no unnecessary half dressed girls like you often see in the UK, or under-aged drinkers.

The Green Eyed Girl Cocktails

Drinks in Chicago

Another round of drinks later, and jet lag and weary feet got the better of me. We headed back to our hotel relaxed and buzzing from an amazing first day in Chicago.


I’ve still got loads to share of our time in Chicago so I hope you are not getting bored!

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