Career Profile: Teigan from Olive et Oriel

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et OrielI first came across Olive et Oriel thanks to interior design blog Lust Living and I was instantly hooked. I ordered my first print and was really impressed with the speed it arrived and the quality (hello free international shipping!). But what had me more hooked than anything else was the oh-so beautiful Instagram feed that shows Olive et Oriel art styled to perfection in people’s homes across the world and the little snippets from behind the scenes of the business and the incredibly talented and hard-working founder, Teigan. 

Successful career woman and beautiful interiors, well I didn’t stand a chance did I?

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

In no time at all I created a whole gallery wall using Olive et Oriel pieces in my home and I have had to stop myself looking on the website too often as Teigan is forever launching new artwork.

Not only does Teigan have two young children, a stunning home, design her own prints and run the business but she somehow manages to fit time in to her busy schedule to nurture her brand on Instagram and reply to every comment, message and Insta-story. With 142, 000 followers (today, there will be more tomorrow) that is no mean feat!

I am incredibly proud and excited to be sharing her story here to inspire you. I am in no doubt that by the end, you’ll be more than inspired!

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

So grab a cuppa and settle in:

What is Olive et Oriel? 

Curated by Teigan, Olive et Oriel is a fashion-forward wall art brand with enviable art prints and posters for every room of your home, and starting at only $12.95 with free shipping – they’re affordable too! The thoughtful mix of styles range from bohemian, Scandinavian, coastal, minimalist and contemporary with our vision being that anyone can create a unique and beautiful gallery wall in their home all from the one location,

I pride myself on our high quality art prints and posters. All wall art is professionally printed using superior quality inks and beautiful matte stock – with our ever growing Instagram following, it’s easy to see why we stand out from the rest.

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

Where did the idea come from? 

Well, as a little back-story – I studied Interior Design straight after finishing school, however never went down that career path initially. After having our first baby, I couldn’t bear to return to work full-time away from our little man, so I began to explore the designer in me, Olive et Oriel quickly evolved into the incredible business it is today.

What were you doing before hand? 

I was an executive assistant to the Global CEO of a really cool women’s fashion accessories label, and then an EA in the finance industry.

What made you want to take a career change/ set up your own business?

I couldn’t bear leaving our little man after the first six months, so I decided to engage my creative side again and do everything I could to ensure I could create a business from home to be there for him. I needed something more, for me too – I had seen so many wall art designs around, but I just felt it all lack-lustre, I knew I could do something a lot more fun! 

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

How did you take the plunge? 

Like anything I do… Head first and 100 miles an hour! I’m not really good at ‘thinking things over’ – the day I decided to give it a go, I built the website, launched several designs and began the marketing journey (all on that same day). Our first sales started rolling in after 48 hours! I am a firm believer that life is about taking risks, getting outside your comfort zone and just going for it. In my opinion, life is far too short to not be doing something you love with your all. I have not regret a single moment since! 

Were your family and friends on board? If not, how did you bring them round?

I think my friends had more confidence in my ability than I did myself – I knew I could ‘build a small business’ easy enough, but the question was “would people like my style enough to buy it?” – it’s such a personal thing… art. People are either going to love it and it hits a spot with them, or they’ll walk on by. My family didn’t really understand the vision, but they were happy to roll with whatever made me happy (they know even if they said ‘don’t do it’ – that I would anyway!) and my hubby thought it was a brilliant idea and as always, backed me all the way! He’s the best!

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

What has been the greatest challenge so far? 

Learning how to do things the right way… Starting a business from scratch and continually striving to be better than I was yesterday. That takes a lot of mental time, and due to that – I don’t really get any me time… I’m always ‘online’ if that makes sense? Not overly a challenge, just a learning process… After two and a half years of Olive et Oriel, I’m only just now starting to allow myself some time for me (and trying not to feel guilty about it!)

And the greatest success? 

Every day is a success. I feel incredibly blessed to have started a business that continues to grow and allows me to spend my days with our boys. Every day that I wake up at home with our two boys and see more website visits/sales/comments/likes/overall interaction with my brand than the day before – it’s all a success and every day blows my mind.

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

What’s a normal day for you? 

I wake up, give little guys kisses and cuddles and sneakily check my phone straight away; yesterday’s website stats, social media engagement and emails – it doesn’t take too long, but I have to know what’s happened in the few hours sleep i’ve had. I race downstairs and get breakfast ready for the boys and begin processing all orders. My entire process is streamlined and very efficient now, so nothing really takes up too much time (not like the ball breaking two years I’ve already put in to get it to this stage). Once all the orders are ready to go, the boys and I head out to do something fun. Through-out the day I’m on and off social media and emails, making sure I’m aware of what’s going on ‘in the www’ at all times. As soon as Michael is home, he takes over with the boys and I jump into creative mode and email replies. I then prep for the next day and get ready to hit it again! Phew!

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et OrielWhat’s your favourite part of your job? 

Everything… I couldn’t possibly pick one element. I love the product designing, the marketing, website maintenance and redesigning – it all just really thrills me, genuinely – I just love it! 

You’ve got a new baby – how do you manage life as a mum alongside a successful business? 

Haha, Well, I initially thought it would be a hell of a lot easier than it is. Since having little Cruise it’s been a massive learning curve for me, and I’ve had to restructure days in a big, big way. The boys are no 1 –  but the restructuring has helped streamline the ‘modern mum’ life. I now work very late into the night, so days are for our gorgeous little guys.

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel

Do you have any future plans for Olive et Oriel? 

There are LOTS of amazing new designs and business plans in the works but I can’t share them at the moment! It’s an exciting industry to be involved in.

Do you have any tips for my readers who are thinking of setting up their own business? 

Just go for it!! Do not let anyone put you off.  Do  your research on what you like/don’t like about the current industry you’re looking at getting into – but then, just jump in! Don’t look back. There’s no time for regrets – go for it with everything you’ve got and believe in yourself and your ability to nail it! 

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel


What are your favourite flowers? Hmmm, white roses are generally a staple in our home, and although not a ‘flower’ I absolutely love the modern simplicity of a silver dollar/baby gum.

Favourite thing to do on a Sunday? Sleep in followed by breakfast in bed with a hot organic tea and an espresso… my boys are amazing at room service. Then, I’m all work – Sunday is my day to plan the entire week ahead.

Favourite travel destination? Paris! And Byron Bay! Both those locations I feel at home… My first time in Paris was amazing, I was immediately mind-blown… I just felt I had been there before, it’s an incredible city.

Favourite way to relax? Relax??!

Favourite blog or Instagram account? I absolutely love Lust Living and Only Deco Love. Also Brooke Testoni, her style is really unique and very sophisticated in a modern, parisian way.

What are your favourite prints of yours at the moment? I’ve got three firm favourites at the moment that I have in all different sizes around our home; Sunday Morning, Le Gris and To Do List. I literally have those designs running in multiple rooms in our home at the moment!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given? “Just give it a go” – Michael said that to me, and it really resonates with me. What are you going to lose by giving something a shot? And for everyone else, I can give you these three hot tips; 1. Back yourself 2. F#ck the haters 3. Don’t stop.

Career interview with Teigan, founder of Olive et Oriel
Pictures all Olive et Oriel

I am blown away with Teigan’s incredible just-do-it attitude! What a brilliant way to live and looking at Olive et Oriel, it certainly works in business too!

So, I know you are dying to find out more so head over to the website here.

And if you haven’t already, you need to take a look at her Instagram account for all of the pretty here.

You can also keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Claire thanks so much for sharing this amazing interview – am now following Olive et Oriel and already planning which prints to buy. Hooked!
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