Planting trees with Joules and the Woodland Trust

Since having Seb, I have definitely thought more about the impact I am having on the planet…it is his future planet after all, and it has made me try and put a little more effort in to being more sustainable.

So when Joules asked me if I would like to get involved in their project to plant trees to create a young people’s forest in Derbyshire, I jumped at the chance.

Trees are one of the best ways to fight climate change. Planting more of them will not only help the planet but it will also create green spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Joules have partnered with the Woodland Trust and pledged to plant a whopping 250,00 trees by 2022!

Seb and I went along to a tree planting day a few weeks ago. Along with a team of volunteers dozens of trees were planted and me and little Seb were proud to take part.

All the trees are native to the UK and we planted a Hazel – incidentally my mum’s name which felt special.

Yellow rain coat // Spotty short height wellies
(both gifted)

If you would like to get involved and help Joules on their way to planting so many trees, all you need to do is treat yourself to a new pair of wellies for your woodland walks this Spring.

Joules will be planting one tree for every pair of wellies bought in March and April.

Here are my picks from Joules’ Right as Rain collection:

How better to navigate our April showers in style!

I can vouch for their effectiveness too as we really put them to the test!

Some facts I learned:

  • The UK needs 50 million new trees per year to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This equates to a million new hectares of woodland cover, and some 1.5 billion trees.
  • The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with just 13% tree cover compared to the European average of 37%. And only 7% of this is native woodland.

Read more about the partnership and take a look at a video here where a certain little someone makes an appearance!

** I was a guest of Joules at the event and my coat, Seb’s coat and wellies were a gift.**


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