I’ve just come back from exploring the beautiful island of Ibiza. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not all late night clubs, drunkenness and laminated menus – far from it in fact. Away from the West End of San Antoni there is culture, jaw dropping scenery and delicious food.

Last year on my first intrepid visit to the island we stumbled across a gorgeous beach called Casa Salada where you can leap into the clear blue sea from the rocks, watch the sun set and although it is busy, there are more locals than tourists.

This year, we rented a villa overlooking the beach, and me Mr B along with five of our loveliest friends settled ourselves in for a week of cava sipping, swimming and sunning (and a little bit of partying, of course). I spent a lot of time taking beautiful pictures which I was going to share here, but heartbreakingly I have lost the SD card with all the pictures from the first six days. I could cry but instead i’ll tell you about our last day in Ibiza visiting Ibiza Town which is on a card I didn’t lose.

The area is buzzing, with a busy nightlife and clubs like Pacha close by but we were here to check out Dalt Vila – the old town which rises up from the busy port like a jewel. The old town is set on a hill with the cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa sitting on the top like a crown and I made it my mission to make it to the top. DV1   We started our ascent at about 5:30pm so it was a bit cooler – the setting sun gave everything a golden shimmer.     DV2 dv3 It’s all up hill so you’ll need a few breaks – but the views will have you stopping in your tracks every few minutes anyway.




Aside from the stunning views, there’s plenty to see as you make your way through the cobbled streets including museums, galleries, cafes and wine bars, courtyards and chapels.DV7

Keep on climbing upwards, but don’t forget to check behind you every now and then and you’ll be in for a treat.DV8


As you go round, you get views over the whole town, including the harbour.DV12

Keeping going, you are not far now…DV13

We made it just in time to see the sun lower itself below the far away hillsDV14

It felt like we were on the top of the worldDV16

To finish the evening off perfectly, we stopped for a glass of vino on the way down in a lovely bar overlooking the town until all we could see was the twinkling lights, and then went in search of food – maybe more on that in another post, i think this is enough photos for one day!

If you are in Ibiza, for whatever reason, a trip up Dalt Vila is a must.