Our wedding – the overview


I got married! I never thought I would write that, but I am so glad I can! And I am really excited to share some of our wedding here. Looking at wedding blogs and blog posts about weddings made up a huge part of my wedding research in the months leading up to our big day and played a big part in some of the decisions I made. I hope that sharing our day here I can inspire or help a few help a brides-to-be too, or just give you a bit of pretty if a wedding isn’t on your cards.

There is a lot to talk about though and even more photos so I will break it up into a few posts to share over the next few weeks.

To start off, here’s a bit of an overview about our day, which, as they say really was one of the best day of our lives.

Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 2

Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 2

Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 4




Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding

Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 8



Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 11




Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding 14







Lifestyle blogger Claire Wainwright of The Green Eyed Girl shares her wedding

The wedding details

We didn’t start wedding planning straight away after getting engaged (read all about that here) and originally wanted to have a long engagement but my good friend persuaded me to get to it and I am so glad we did.

The first hurdle was finding a venue, and we looked far and wide across the UK before realising our perfect venue was right under our noses in Birmingham, and we had been there several times before for dinner and always admired it (I’ll share all our suppliers at the bottom of the post).

We both wanted a small wedding with about 60 guests – for me it was about keeping it intimate so we didn’t feel overwhelmed on the day. It was very hard to keep it to that and we had to make some tough decisions about inviting friends and family only to the evening part of the day but I am glad we did keep it small in the end. Budget also played a part in it and meant we had to make sacrifices.

Once I found our brilliant suppliers (I will definitely write a more detailed post about that as I have SO much to say on the topic, just as I do on the theme of picking a wedding style) things started to come together.

We both LOVED having our friends and family all together on one day and the love we felt was immense. We smiled all day and the worries I had about being overly emotional or stressed on the day never came to fruition. Quite the opposite actually as I was so excited and relaxed all day.

Asking my two closest friends and sister to be my bridesmaids was one of the highlights of my wedding journey. They all live a couple of hours away scattered across the country and so the wedding brought us together. They all went to so much trouble and effort in the run up to the wedding and on the day and I felt, and still feel, so very grateful to them.

In fact, so many friends and family went to so much trouble for us and were so thoughtful too, buying gifts, givings advice, readily offering support and more. It really amazed me.

It was this in part that prompted me to give a speech on the day and it was one of the best decisions I made. I have never understood why only men give speeches at weddings and think it is great more women are standing up to speak for themselves! That said, I didn’t tell too many people ahead just in case I chickened out, but on the day I couldn’t wait to stand up! I didn’t write anything as I wanted it to be from the heart. This meant I didn’t say a few things that I wanted to, and probably said I few things I didn’t mean to but the feedback from my friends and family has been good. I would definitely recommend it to any ladies out there considering it.

As our venue was only about 30 minutes from the house, my bridesmaids, myself and my dad stayed at home the night before and morning of the wedding. This worked so well.  The night before the wedding we had a lovely meal with the whole wedding party and all partners, and when we got home we popped a bottle of bubbly and danced to all the cheesy wedding songs (think Bruno Mars, get me to the church in time etc) in the kitchen until we wore ourselves out and tumbled in to bed laughing and excited. I will never forget the feeling of waking up on the morning of the wedding with all my closest people together getting ready for our big day. My dad made us a gorgeous breakfast and had a very lovely dedication read out on the radio whilst we had our hair and make up done and sipped bucks fizz. It set the tone for a beautiful relaxed wedding day.

Whilst the day did go quickly, we both enjoyed every moment of it. There were bits that went a little wrong along the way, but neither of us really cared and and they were trivial in the grand scheme of things. To me, it was perfect.

One of the fun things I managed to do was to convince Will to learn a dance for our first dance. I knew if we didn’t we would just awkwardly shuffle about. We picked (who am I kidding, I picked) Beyoncé’s Love on Top as it has a lovely sentiment, is upbeat and I just love her! We had about six dance lessons and learned something a bit fun – it was something we both really enjoyed doing even if Mr B will only admit that begrudgingly!







I just wish I could do it all again now, please!

Suppliers and sources

Venue: Hampton Manor

Photography: Xander and Thea (thanks to Aletheia for all this loveliness)

Florist: Floribunda Rose (hello show stopping blooms)

Bouquet ribbon: Lancaster and Cornish

My dress: Jenny Packham Hermia bought at: The Wedding Club in Birmingham

My shoes: Manolo Blahnik bought from Harrods (amazing day out!)

Bridesmaids’s dresses: Dessy – this is the same style but strapless

Groom’s suit: Reiss

Groom’s shoes: Ted Baker

Groomsmen’s suits: Moss Bros Hire

Ring box: The Mrs Box in Roosevelt

Bridesmaids gifts: Tiffany (Bean)

Bridesmaid’s robes: Customised as a gift from me from Confetti.com

Bride’s robe: Victoria’s Secret Kimono

Bride’s underwear: Bought from Rigby and Peller

Stationery: Designed with the help of a good friend and printed by the lovely people at VIP

Make up: Make up by Carla

Hair: My hairdresser from Umberto Giannini in Selfridges Birmingham (she doesn’t have her own website)

Thanks to our wonderful suppliers who really helped make the day beautiful.

If there’s anything that you’ve spotted that I have missed out just give me a shout in the comments box below or on my social media and I will do my best to pass a link on.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and/or have found some inspiration if you are planning a wedding yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Love, Claire x


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      Thanks Mapolo 🙂

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    November 1, 2016 / 7:27 pm

    Some lovely photos, you look beautiful Claire!

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    November 4, 2016 / 7:58 am

    Lovely photos,flowers,dress,shoes….looks an amazing day and you looked fab!