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With the wedding less than three months away, I have started thinking I should kick start my beauty routine to ensure I have a lovely glowing complexion on the day. Whilst I am already pretty regimented with my skincare (I have to be otherwise all hell breaks loose – read about my meeting with Caroline Hirons here and some of my favourite products here), I am trying to be extra good.

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I am also going to get back into juicing and smoothies and eating really well. I know that one of the things I need to do is cut down on tea and coffee – I don’t drink too much, usually two cups of tea and one coffee a day, but I know that cutting that down a little bit would make a difference. But if you are anything like me, I rely on those three cups of caffeine to give me a good kick up the butt!

So when the team from Teami contacted me to try their new tea blends, my first question was if they had one that would be good for the skin but that wouldn’t leave me snoozing at my desk. Luckily for me they have Teami Alive which contains ginger honey, lemon grass and green tea – all of which provide a boost of nutrients and vitamins to your body and give your skin a helping hand.

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They say it helps to heighten focus and concentration, increase energy levels, increase blood circulation which improves skin complexion and detoxes the kidney and liver.

Sounds good to me.

I have been replacing one of my daily cups of tea with my Teami Alive and whilst it is still early days I am pleasantly surprised that my energy and concentration levels have stayed high, if not improved a little. I think it may take a little longer to see any benefits to my skin but with the ingredients being as well renowned for health benefits as they are, I am sure I will be glowing in no time!

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The Teami Alive comes in lovely little tea bags which means it is as simple as can be. Some of their other blends such as Teami Relax and Teami Skinny come as loose teas, and there are little diffusers if you want them. They have a detox pack too which isn’t my thing at all but might interest some of you guys.

Have a look at what they offer here  and if you want to give it a go, then Teami have been kind enough to offer my readers a 10% discount. Just enter the discount code GREENEYED in at the check out. 

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Let me know what you think.

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