Sunset in Kefalonia

Sunset in Kefalonia-19Mr B and I have jetted away for a quick week of sun, sea and relaxation before the chaos of the wedding starts in earnest.

We picked Kefalonia for its ease and beauty, not to mention value for money. We can fly direct from our nearest airport (Birmingham) onto the island, which is small enough to explore in  week and it is not overrun with tourists. It is much more laid back than some of it’s fancier siblings such as Santorini (read my guide to that fabulous island here) but has plenty of charm and character.

Sunset in Kefalonia-5

Sunset in Kefalonia-9

Sunset in Kefalonia-10In fact, we have been here twice before and despite not normally returning to the same place (we both think there is much too much world to explore for that) it was a pretty hassle free option for us which is just what we needed.

For me, despite loving the feeling of arriving somewhere completely new, when we landed I must admit that it was quite nice to know exactly what to expect, where to pick up our hire car, where to find good restaurants and beaches etc.

We stayed in a different part of the island than where we have been to before, and we lucked in as it is lovely – off the beaten track with two lovely tavernas, a little beach with crystal waters and a beach bar serving good coffee and great cocktails. I mean, what more could you ask for!

Our first few days have been very relaxed, staying by the pool and our local beach, eating our weight in cheese and tzatziki and admiring the views.

We ventured a little further on our third night to Argostoli, which I am not sure I recommend at all, but on our way we were stopped in our tracks by this gorgeous building bathed in the warmest of sunset glows and hopped out of the car to take some pics.

Sunset in Kefalonia-3

Sunset in Kefalonia-2


Sunset in Kefalonia-7

Sunset in Kefalonia-11

Sunset in Kefalonia-12

The still warm sun at this time of day is making me look far browner/redder than I actually was – could do with a SnapChat filter for this effect – well for the browner effect at least!

I have styled up my hair using my beachy waves trick using straighteners, also known as flat irons for my US readers (I used the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler), as despite actually being at the beach, my hair was not playing game!

Sunset in Kefalonia-13

Sunset in Kefalonia-8

Sunset in Kefalonia-20

 Topshop Bardot dress // Snakeskin wedges (in the SALE) // Bag – old, Reiss // Sunglasses – old, Gucci

Sunset in Kefalonia-17

Sunset in Kefalonia-16Sunset in Kefalonia-18

Sunset in Kefalonia-21

More from our Kefalonian adventures coming soon!


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