5 ways to elevate your Christmas gift wrapping this year

Christmas gift wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping is one of my favourite activities in the run up to the big day.

Each year I save up all my wrapping for one big wrapping event; I lock myself in a room with a glass (read bottle) of Bailey’s, put on the Christmas tunes, burn a scented candle and get to it.

I truly believe a beautifully wrapped gift can really elevate the whole gifting experience. I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for good packaging and have bought more than one item on the basis of its pretty packaging!

So when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping I like to really go to town and take my time to create gift wrapping that is as lovely as the gift inside.

For the last couple of years I have bought all my wrapping paraphernalia from Cox and Cox. This year I decided to get in touch with them to see if they would be up for partnering with me for a Christmas gift wrapping post and I was delighted when they said yes.

I think they have a great selection of Christmas gift wrapping items and I knew it would be perfect to share my tips and tricks to elevate your wrapping.

Also, I find it so easy to buy everything online, cutting out the impossible task of navigating through throngs of Christmas shoppers with an unwieldy bag of wrapping tubes!

Oh – and their wrapping paper comes in ten metre rolls which is the icing on the cake for me as I hate having tonnes of rolls of wrapping paper everywhere!

If you are still looking for some Christmas gifts be sure to check out my Christmas Gift Guide here. But if you are all sorted and ready to start wrapping, here are my five ways to elevate your Christmas gift wrapping.

Christmas gift wrapping

5 ways to elevate your Christmas gift wrapping this year

1. Pick a colour scheme

Each year I love picking a different colour scheme for my Christmas gift wrapping. One year I had purple and silver, another all white and last year navy and copper.

Having some defined colours makes picking your papers and accessories really easy and your collection of gifts under the tree will look so glamorous.

This year, I am sticking to a simple grey and white theme with green and natural flourishes which is very much the feel of my home at the moment. I am using this lovely star wrapping paper and a selection of decorative items including this stunning velour ribbon, these tags and these toppers.

Having two different but coordinating wrapping papers always looks great. And for the easy win, wrapping paper that is double sided is amazing – you can use both sides which is fuss free and it creates a seamless colour theme.

You could also consider using simple brown packing paper which can work really well.

Christmas gift wrapping

2. Add interest and detail

This is my favourite bit. Once the gift is wrapped in paper I love adding loads of interest and detail.

Start with a couple of different ribbons – I always think one wide and one narrow is great as you can mix and match and layer them up.

Have a look at different styles of how to tie ribbon. Do some with bows, some that cross over and some just simple bands around the gift.

Next add some interest! It is really easy to get interesting gift toppers now and you can pick them up pretty easily, even from supermarkets. My favourites from Cox and Cox this year are these fluffy pom poms.

If you are on a budget, you can also think outside the box a little (pun intended!) – ribbon can be bought cheaply from craft stores or fabric/sewing shops. I have previously bought ribbon from the Birmingham RAG markets. Whilst there I also found little bells which were so sweet tied to gifts and gave a really Christmassy tinkle tinkle every time they moved!

Christmas gift wrapping

Shop the post

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Handmade Merry Christmas tags | Grey merry Christmas ribbon |
White let it snow ribbon | Merry Christmas wooden tags

Grey knitted jumper | Pom pom slippers

Grey rug | Sheepskin

 3. Go foraging

You don’t need to be restricted to ‘official’ gift toppers.

One of my favourite ways to add interest is to go foraging in the garden and local park and pick up some seasonal items to add to my wrapping. Cuttings of fir trees, holly and mistletoe are very easy to get hold of at this time of year and probably won’t cost you a thing.

I also really like using fir cones. You just need to let them dry out for a few days before using them then simply tie some fine flexible garden wire around the base and attach on to the gift.

If you are feeling super creative you can spray the cones first to match your colour theme or get sparkly and go for glitter!

Christmas gift wrapping

4. Scent it

Scent has an amazing ability to give you all the feels and to transport you to a different world. Christmas as a season has it’s own unique and utterly recognisable palette of smells;  oranges, cinnamon, cloves, fir trees… just thinking about them make me feel Christmassy!

To really elevate your wrapping consider squirting a festive scent on to your gifts or use herbs and plants such as rosemary and eucalyptus as decorations.

Some of my favourite Christmas smells are this Winter scent and this Nutmeg and Ginger cologne.

Supermarkets also tend to have Christmas scents – room scent will be fine. Just give your wrapped gifts a little spritz from arm distance for a really festive scent that’ll have your friends and family remarking how wonderful they smell.

Christmas gift wrapping

5. Be creative

There are loads of ways to add your personal creativity to your Christmas gift wrapping. Experiment with different ways of layering the paper, different things to put on top and ways to tie the ribbons. Feathers, sequins, bells and mini baubles all looks amazing as additions to gift wrapping.

Have a play and see what you come up with!

If you need some inspiration, I have created a Christmas gift wrapping Pinterest board which has loads of ideas, and I would love to hear your ideas too – just leave them in the comments below.

Christmas gift wrapping

My Christmas gift wrapping tips

And finally, I thought I would also share some of my Christmas gift wrapping tips to make things a little easier:

  • Use double sided sticky tape for a really refined finished! It is also great for keeping ribbons in place.
  • Always wrap on a large, flat, even surface – I sit on the floor and clear a huge space around me.
  • Arrange your gift in separate piles for each person and then wrap all of that person’s in one go – that way you can wrap each of their gifts in an individual way and then copy the style of wrapping for other people.
  • Practise your bows – getting the perfect bow isn’t hard but it does take a few goes to get right sometimes!
  • For awkward shaped presents consider putting them in a gift box lined with tissue paper and then wrap a ribbon around the box and tie in a bow.

Christmas gift wrapping

What’s your thoughts on Christmas gift wrapping?

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?



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