Ensuite bathroom refresh – the plan

With a photography shoot at the house looming, I decided to kick some projects into action that I had been mulling over for a while. One of these projects is giving our ensuite bathroom a little update and refresh.

The room is not in a terrible place as it is, but I must admit it is a little boring.

Current bathroom situation

Ensuite bathroom refresh plans

When we moved into the house, this it was a bit of a strange space; basically a very small ‘box’ built within a room, complete with a leaking shower. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures but I really wish I could show you now. Just imagine something a bit grim and you’ll be on the right track!

We ripped out the box and pushed the space out into the eaves of the house a little. There was also a hot water tank which we removed as we re-plumbed and modernised the whole heating system in the house.

Natural daylight is important to me in every room so we added in two Velux windows and I am so glad we did. It makes the room so bright, airy and fresh which I just love.

My essentials for the bathroom were:

  • A double shower with in-shower shelf for toiletries
  • A double sink
  • A toilet

The rest I could waive. I spent a fair bit of time thinking about the layout of the room to get all of those in in the best way and toyed with moving the door into the room and the shower where the door is but in the end decided to put the shower into the recess where the hot water tank had been.

We had to get the glass specially cut to size which was a little pricey but worth it to make the most of the space. We chose white and grey Porcelanosa tiles, and found a wall hanging double sink unit on Ebay with a huge mirror for an absolute steal.

We have been really happy with this room and it is totally functional, but it is lacking a bit of style so I wanted to make a few tweaks to bring it to life a little.

The inspiration

Ensuite bathroom refresh plansImages: 1. Studio McGee 2. LeClaireDecor 3. Studio McGee

As you may have realised, my style at the moment is moving towards a very simple look – natural woods, white and greys, with pops of black and brass.

I have come back to the bathrooms below time and time again as I love the tonal look and how the black metals make the whole room pop and sing. To me, it is a lovely relaxing space to start the day in.

The plan

I don’t have the budget to make big changes, and also I think it would cause a divorce if I tried to totally redo the bathroom after only a handful of years, so I am making just a few tweaks to get the look I want, and I think it is possible.

Here’s what I’m going to change:

The wall lights

The problem: We picked two bathroom-suitable wall lights which at the time I liked but quickly went off the look of them. The problem was when we put this bathroom in, there really wasn’t much choice for pretty bathroom lights. That SO isn’t the case now and I have been itching to change them for a while!

The Plan: One of my favourite lighting companies Fritz Fryer has an amazing range of bathroom-suitable wall lights. Each style comes in a range of finishes and they are all really beautiful. I have picked the Upton Clear Glass Swan Neck Bathroom Light in Bronze.

We have a number of their lights across the house and whilst they are only a small-ish company based in beautiful Monmouth, I really love their ethos and products and go back to them time and time again. I love that there is choice in each light to make it unique to you.

The drawer fronts

The problem: The fronts of the drawers are a faux walnut – again, nothing exactly wrong with this however I have more pale oak across the house and thought that would feel brighter and lighter and a bit more modern.

The Plan: I know a furniture maker through work and have asked him to remake the drawer fronts in pale oak. He has taken all the existing drawers and is making the new ones as we speak! I can’t wait to see them in place.

The hardware

The problem: The handles on the drawers were built into them and so therefore needed to be changed when the drawers were too….and that is no bad thing as I have had my eye on some sleek black ones for a while now. In addition, the towel holders need changing. Will ordered them and I never liked them from day one (sorry Will!) so can’t wait to be rid of them! And finally, we need a loo roll holder too!

The plan: For the handles I knew exactly where I wanted to go – an online company I have had my eye on for a while and love what they are doing. Dowsing and Reynolds sell lighting, hardware and paint and do a really good job of it. I first fell in love with their Bubble Chandelier (I am yet to figure out where I can put one in the house!) but they have a gorgeous selection of hardware too. I have chosen the Tapei handles in the Antique Brass finish – again they do different finishes – and went for the longest length option which is 23.4cm. I literally can’t wait to see these on as they are gorgeous!

Then for the rest of the hardware, again I knew exactly where to head – Rowen and Wren is another lovely homeware store that sells really interesting and unique places and the best place for bathroom hardware in my eyes. I love their Bilton range and so I have gone for these towel rings and also the loo roll holder too. Again, I love how this company allows you to choose the finish – they have matt nickel, brass and blackened bronze and it is the latter I went for but to be honest all three look gorgeous.


The Problem: The last bits to pull it all together is just a bit of styling – as I said, just now it is pretty bland and a bit messy. Perhaps it is because I work in show home interior design, but I can’t help but style up each and every space.

The Plan: I have already tested out a new set up and I love it by the shower door – get a sneak peek here. This Beni style bath mat from House curious teamed with the rustic stool that I have had in our main bathroom really makes the space feel loved! A bit of greenery, Aesop and a few bits of interest here and there is going to make all the difference, I can tell.

What do you think of my plans? I can’t wait to get this space finished
and to share it with you.

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