A complex complexion

As I am speedily approaching a landmark birthday (ahem), I am naturally considering all the things I would like to improve in my life. Coming up top of the list (that I can change anyway) is my skin.

beautiful-skin-original(image from here)

As I teenager I had trouble skin which followed me into my twenties, on and off. I tried bottles and bottles of different lotions and potions, treatments and pills, with plenty of time and money wasted and although I have had some improvements, it has been pretty hit and miss. The only saving grace during my bad periods were that I had been told that thanks to my oily skin I wouldn’t get wrinkles.

Well, I beg to differ! Here I am nearing the big three-0 with spots and wrinkles (for the love of god, why?!)  and I am taking action.

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To try and figure out what my skin wants, I have done plenty of research (mainly on Caroline Hirons blog) and I started to become a bit dubious about my ‘oily skin’ which is what I have always had, right? The spots, the greasy skin. The facial routines all geared up to an oily skin. Wrong.

Turns out I (now) have sensitive skin. Probably from years of abusing it with products for oily skin. My thoughts were confirmed by a nice chap at Dermalogica who went as far as saying my skin was highly over sensitised  and for god’s sake don’t put anything on it for oily skin.

Hmm. Cue a large Dermalogica bill and some serious internal re-thinking. It takes some time to retrain your brain into thinking something new about yourself.

I’ve been using my new routine for a couple of weeks, and whilst I don’t see a drastic improvement yet (skin takes about six weeks to regenerate so it is a bit early) I was a bit surprised to find I haven’t had any massive outbreaks followed by a grease river running down my nose.

In fact, my skin is less oily, the dry patches I did have are going (funny, now I am providing my skin with some hydration) and any spots I have had can be directly related to alcohol consumption. I am, possibly, one tiny, teeny small step closer to clear, even skin.

(image from here)

Now, alongside believing what you eat and drink and the products you use do make a difference to your skin, I am totally of the opinion that skin, like most things is genetic. I have seen enough of my friends disregard their skin, leaving it full of make up for days on end or use whatever product is lying around and have gorgeous skin, free from spots and wrinkles. Long may it continue for them. Sadly, I can’t be so complacent.

Anyway, the moral of this story is skin changes. Now I don’t think I am ever going to have luminous skin that people compliment me on, but hopefully I will be able to avoid looking like the below in about three years time.

(Thanks to Heidi Klum for illustrating my point so well here) 

 Here’s the stuff I am trying out:


1.  Liquid Gold from Alpha-H. I am waiting a while longer before I try it, but it has a cult following and promises results. Available here.

2. Pure fish oil capsules. Many, many trained and qualified skin folk swear by fish oil for healthy skin. I’ll probably stink like the sea but i’m giving them a go. Lamberts are high potency and high quality. Available here.

3. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. Caroline Hirons convinced me into these for the tone/exoliate stage of my new skincare regime, and they are suitable for sensitive skin. I’ve been using them on just one half of my face for almost a week to see if I can notice a difference. It is subtle, but I can. I’ll be upgrading my whole face soon. You can buy them here.

4. Precleanse. This is something I used before, loved but stopped out of laziness. It’s an oil that you smooth over your face to break down the dirt before you get your cleanser on there. Smells divine. I’m glad it is back in my life.

5. 6. 7. UltraCalming System from Dermalogica, including UltraCalming Cleanser, UltraCalming Serum Concentrate and Barrier Repair. I buy it from here where it is discounted – they deliver quickly, send you lots of samples and there is a rewards system.

And lastly, I’m trying to drink more water, eat more oily fish, berries and I am eating quite a lot of avocado which I am certain is making a difference.

Have you ever had a skin-revelation? What are your tips for good skin?

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