My baby shower!

white and gold baby shower decoration

I really wasn’t going to have a baby shower at all. Then I remembered I didn’t want a hen party and that turned out to be the best weekend ever so I changed my mind and decided to plan a very small, fuss-free baby shower where I would invite just a handful of girls for lunch.

I then got an idea of recreating my version of the below gorgeous garden party set up that I had seen on House Curious.

Garden party Image courtesy of House Curious

I sourced the pallets, bought an entire trolley full of cushions from Ikea and Hobbycraft very kindly sent me some absolutely gorgeous decorations. I ordered food, cake and flowers and we had a heatwave during the week so I was pretty excited and all set.

And then on the day it rained. A lot.

I woke up so disappointed, but me, my sister and two best friends got to work setting up plan B!

There is something so satisfying about creating a gorgeous set up when hosting a get together. In the end I was really pleased about how it all turned out, even with the last minute change of plan.

white and gold baby shower decoration

As we don’t know whether we are having a girl or a boy, I went for a gender neutral colour palette of white, gold and lemon. I was spoiled for choice with Hobbycraft’s selection of decorations. They have a whole baby shower decoration section and I mainly went for the Ginger Ray decorations which were all gold and white.

I had chosen these oversized balloons for the original set up, but they worked just as well indoors. I strung up this ‘baby shower’ banner between them and also added a few of these gold confetti balloons too.

These plates, cups and napkins kept up the theme whilst also cutting down on the washing up. Always a winner!

white and gold baby shower decoration

white, gold and lemon baby shower

We didn’t do too much in the way of games, but we did paint baby grows which was so fun and I love that the little one has something bespoke to wear from each of his/her aunties!

I also had these advice cards and I love reading what each person put on them. My friends each bought a baby photo and we had to do guess the baby. I am AWFUL at this game and didn’t even recognise myself in some of the baby pictures my sister had dug out of me!

Baby shower decorations

Food wise, we had a feast! To keep the work down to a minimum I ordered food from my favourite local cafe Damascena – there was so much of it. We all had two platefuls each, and then Will and I were still eating it all for lunch and dinner three days later! I ordered a cake from a little local place Bakery 30 – it was so good – lemon and blueberry with a vanilla frosting and three layers deep!

White, green and yellow party decorationwhite and lemon cake(Think it might be the last time I fit in to this dress judging by the bulging gap above the button!)

I made homemade lemonade and served it in this drinks dispenser. I can’t for the life of me find the recipe now, but basically I chopped up two whole lemons (yes, skin and all) and blended them in a Nutribullet with water and sugar and the juice of four more lemons. I can’t remember the exact measurements but if you wanted to make it, it could be done with a bit of taste trial and error I think! It was nice and tart so not to everyone’s taste but I loved it.

baby shower party

I also made up these individual cheesecake pots. I altered this recipe a bit, just simply chopping the strawbs and adding them in rather than creating the saucy bit as the recipe suggests. I served them in these jars which are amazing value and popped on these toppers to finish them off. They were so delicious.

Oh baby individual cheesecakes

And last but not least – the flowers. I have a bit of a love affair with another local business Isherwood and Co. I asked Jordan if she could source me some white and yellow flowers with lots of greenery. I couldn’t find an image of the type of thing I was after anyway but trusted that she knew my style and what I would want. Well – I was delighted with her choices! I picked up the flowers on the morning and took them home to arrange myself. I hope I did them justice.

white and yellow party cake

Baby shower decorations

Everyone gifted the baby a favourite children’s book to start its little library off. I can’t wait to get them all on display in the nursery, and even more so to read to them when they are a little bit older.

So there you have it. A not so fuss free baby shower after all but the most lovely afternoon spent with friends, enjoying being able to finish a conversation, eat with two hands and stay awake!

This little bump is so loved already – we are both so lucky to have so many wonderful ladies around us at this special time!



  1. August 6, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    Ahh Claire! It looks like the most wonderful baby shower! I’m so SO happy you decided to go all-in! What a special celebration of your little one.

    Your attention to detail is always unreal, and I’m making notes for all future get-togethers!

    Monica xx

    • greeneyed
      August 16, 2019 / 2:05 pm

      Aaah Monica! Thank you so much! It was a lovely day 🙂 xxx