Santorini travel diary part 3 – sailboats and the south

Santorini, Greece-62

After four glorious days in Oia (see more in Santorini travel diary part 1 and part 2), we upped sticks and moved camp to the south of the island. This is partly due to Mr B’s inability to stay in one place for more than a few days, and partly because … well, let’s be honest, Oia is not very cheap! If you are interested in visiting Santorini, keep an eye out for my guide coming in the next few days which will include where we stayed, as well as restaurant tips etc.

But before we headed south, we made sure we made the most of our Oia hotel pool, which was just beautifully placed on the edge of the cliff overlooking the deep blue sea, as well as getting a final iced coffee fix from the cafes in Oia.

Santorini, Greece-10

Santorini, Greece-13Soludos espadrilles | similar shorts (in the sale) | similar top | similar bag | similar hat | similar bikini

Santorini, Greece-16

Santorini, Greece-32

Santorini, Greece-45

To get around the island, we hired a car and drove the short distance to Fira, Santorini’s capital. We fuelled up on delicious gyros and frozen joghurt, enjoying a rare quiet day when there were no cruise ships in.

Santorini, Greece-63

Santorini, Greece-69
Old dress from Oasis, similar here and here

Santorini, Greece-64

Before heading right to the bottom of the island where we were staying at Acroterra Rosa where we were warmly welcomed with a generous upgrade to a suite with the most comfy bed and amazing bath with views.

Santorini, Greece-66

Santorini, Greece-65

We spent our final days of the holiday exploring the black sand beaches; giving paddle boarding a go (I think I found my vocation!) and testing out the beach bars.

Santorini, Greece-78

Santorini, Greece-67

Santorini, Greece-68

Santorini, Greece-70

We visited one of the wineries on the island Santo Wines where we tasted the local vino with gorgeous views across to Oia.

Santorini, Greece-71

And finally, perhaps the highlight of our entire stay was a sunset catamaran boat trip.

Santorini, Greece-74

We headed out towards the horizon with the wind in our hair and sun on our faces, stopping every now and then to jump into the ocean, drying off on the nets. We filled up on a feast of pasta, Greek salad and BBQ, washing it down with local wine.

Santorini, Greece-72

As the sun lowered we made our way gracefully towards the glowing horizon.

Santorini, Greece-75Similar white cover up

With our feet hanging over the edge, and glasses of wine in our hands, we were treated to the most amazing surprise – a pod of leaping dolphins so close they were almost touching our toes. We didn’t move an inch, held our breath and just watched as they frolicked in our bow wave until we saw them swim away to delight another boat. It was the perfect end to a unforgettable trip.

Santorini, Greece-73

Santorini, Greece-76

When the sun head set, we turned back towards the shore, cranked up the music and danced all the way to dry land! If you are ever in Santorini, please take a sunset trip, it really was brilliant.


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    Beautiful pictures Claire! Santorini looks amazing!

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