Preparing for our baby’s arrival – newborn shopping list

Buying for a new baby is one of the loveliest, strangest and also mind-boggling of tasks! It is hard to imagine the little squirms in the tummy will equate to a babe in arms that needs nothing but the love and care of it’s family…but also everything if you believe some newborn shopping lists!

It can be a bit tricky to navigate what you need, what you’d like and which options of the above to go for. There is so much choice and if it is your first, it is hard to know what is best.

A bit of research along with the help of blogs and Instagram and asking friends and family have meant I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting kitted out for this Bambino and think we are pretty much ready!

Although I am sure that when the baby comes some of it will change.

Note: this post contains some items which have been gifted which I have clearly marked, but I have only accepted gifted items that I had already decided to buy myself. There are also affiliate links within this post.

Our newborn shopping list

For on the go

Joolz Day 3 Pushchair  *Gifted

Choosing a pushchair is a bit of a mind boggling one as there is so much choice out there and it really boils down to personal choice.

We had done some research and thought we wanted one specific pram, so headed off to Mothercare to test it out.

I really did like it – until I realised that it didn’t fit in my boot with the bassinet (top tip to make sure you test it out before buying!). Luckily the sales assistant who was really knowledgeable and helpful suggested the Joolz Day 3 which she thought fit in with our other requirements and folded down a little smaller.

We tried that and I really loved it – in fact it was lighter and easier to push/turn than our initial selection and not only did it fit in my boot, but there was a little room to spare for a couple of shopping bags. Result!

A couple of the things I particularly loved was that it is a bit higher than a lot of prams out there – Will and I are both tall (I’m 5”7 and he’s 6”2) so having a high bassinet is great for us. We tried some of the others and the baby felt a very long way away!

I also loved the range of colours it came in – for me, I knew I didn’t want black and got really stuck between the gorgeous grey and classic blue (which is made from recycled bottles – big up Joolz).

In the end we went with grey as we knew we would be able to get a similar colour car seat and that it would all work together nicely. I love the tan handle detail that to me makes it look really luxurious and stylish.

We put the order in and then amazingly Joolz got in touch to say they’d like to gift me one. I happily accepted and cancelled my original order.

Once the little one is here I will do a full, honest review about how we are finding it but so far I love it (and it doesn’t hurt that it literally looks gorgeous anywhere in my house – not the point, but you know…)!

To go inside the pushchair, I ordered an incredibly gorgeous merino sheepskin from Binibamba. They are warm in winter and cool in summer and it really is the softest, snuggliest thing! I love their range of colours, although I stuck to Milk for my little unknown babe, but can’t promise I won’t be buying another one. The rose might just be a bit too hard to resist if we have a little girl!

Changing bags – When it comes to a changing bag, I was determined for a while not to get a specific baby one and then I saw the Tiba and Marl back packs and thought something hands-free would be brilliant. Plus, how gorgeous are they! I went for the grey and brass which was sold out online but I spotted one by chance in my local Selfridges and literally raced it to the till!

I also have the Joolz nursery bag* gifted to go with the pram which clips on and is perfect when we are out with the pushchair.

Joie i-Level i-Size car seat

Similar to the pushchair, we had an idea of what we wanted in our mind and went in to Mothercare to confirm it and in the end came away with something else.

The main criteria for me was safety and that it would be compatible with our pram.

I knew that you have to really keep the time a newborn is in a car seat to a minimum because of the way they are scrunched up which restricts their airflow (non scientific explanation!) but this car seat allows you to lie them almost flat so it is much better for them.

It works for newborn and as the baby gets older and bigger and has a really good safety rating.

It doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty adorable too, but as I said, I was most concerned with safety and this one seemed like the most obvious choice for me.

Newborn shopping list essential - Joie i-Level i-Size car seat

For sleeping

Snuzpod *Gifted

So once we had the travel system sorted, our attention was on to sleep!

As the baby would be in our bedroom for the first months, I knew I wanted something that would be good for the baby for that length of time (friend’s had told me their babies grew out of their Moses baskets pretty quickly).

I love that this bed side crib has the option to attach to the side of the bed so you can be close/really easily feed through the night but not have to get up and down lifting them out of a full cot/crib.

At the moment I don’t think I will attach it to the bed but just have it right next to me. There is a mesh side so you can see the baby and it zips down really easily so you can lift/slide the baby out during the night. I also like that you can rock it and tilt it if the baby is suffering from reflux.

I’ve gone for the all white version to match the decor in my bedroom but they have loads of other options and variations available too.

Snuz also sent me a SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid *gifted which plays white noise. I will certainly be giving this a go and have that new mum hope of being able to get some sleep!

My friends also bought me a Ewan the Dream Sheep which they all swear by – it has a red glow to mimic the womb and a number of noise settings including a heartbeat.

shop my newborn shopping list

SnuzPod3 Bedside Crib
Bumbo Changing Pad – Cool Grey
Olli Ella Reva Oval basket
Mam Anti-Colic Bottles 160ml x 3
Hydrocotton Baby Robe
BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer (Beige/Grey, Cotton/Jersey)
Cocoon Swaddle Bag (1.0 tog) – Mint Star
SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid
Joolz Day 3 Pushcahir

Bedding and sleepwear

For bedding for the Snuzpod, I have bought this waterproof mattress protector and these sheets.

In terms of what the baby will be sleeping in I have heard cellular blankets are best for new newborns – I have one of these and one of these ready to go.

I have also heard a lot of good things about swaddling sleeping bags and will be giving the ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag a go *gifted.

Sleepyhead Deluxe *Gifted

This is the item that I have received the most recommendations to get and I knew it had to be on my newborn shopping list. They are a secure little nest for the baby to sleep in and help make the baby feel safe.

I have heard they are good if you are travelling and have a large travel cot, you can put it on the floor or sofa or even have it in the bed with you if you want to co-sleep (I don’t think I do, but maybe nice for lazy mornings?).

I’m also pretty tempted to buy the toy arch too – the black and white one looks good as newborns only see in high contrast and it helps their development.

Newborn shopping list essential - Sleepyhead Deluxe

BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft 

I thought this would be good whilst I am in the shower, cooking, tidying up etc as it can be easily moved about the house. It is suitable for newborns up to two year olds and the bouncer is rocked by the baby’s own movements. It is so soft and looks pretty lovely too.

Newborn shopping list essential - baby bjorn bouncer


As far as I understand you don’t really need to fully bath a newborn for the first few weeks, just top and tail them with cotton wool and warm water, but we have bought this baby bath for when we are ready for bath time.

I had heard lots of great things about the Angle Care bath however a friend pointed out you still have to fill the bath for that. With this one, you only need to fill this little bath so that seemed easier/quicker/more sensible to me and it means we can bath in different spots around the house. Maybe i’ll go for the Angel Care once the baby is a bit bigger?

I can’t wait until bath time comes around – it is one of those parenting moments that I have in my mind that will be all blowing bubbles and delicious baby cuddles in the softest of towels (please don’t tell me if it’s more screaming babies and floating poos!).

Talking of towels, The White Company kindly sent me this gorgeous bath robe *gifted and it has me dreaming of post-bath book time and lavender scented snuggles!

Newborn shopping list essential - Baby bath robe
Image courtesy of The White Company


Ah, the controversial topic! I am hoping to take a reasonably relaxed approach to feeding and truly believe a fed baby is the best along with a relaxed mum.

The ideal scenario for me will be to breastfeed but also have one feed a day that Will (or my friends and family) can get involved with too, so either expressed milk or formula in a bottle (i’ll see how it all goes once baby is here).

Bottles – After a little research and recommendations I have bought these Mam bottles as they are supposed to be good to combi feed alongside breastfeed. I also bought this starter pack from Nuk as heard these were really good too so I have two options to try.

Pump – I am waiting to see how things go, but if I am going to pump I am all for this Elvie hands-free one. The reviews are incredible and although a splurge from what I have heard it is totally worth it.

Formula – But if pumping/breastfeeding in general doesn’t work out for me for whatever reason, then I am fully ready to get one of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine which again has been so highly recommended to me by my friends with babies. It basically gets the right temperature for a formula feed so you don’t need to boil the kettle/wait for it to cool etc with a starving, screaming baby in your arms.

On a friend’s recommendation, I also have this pack of ready-made, ready-to-use baby milk with sterilised teats just in case we find we need to feed the baby in a hurry. Whilst breastfeeding will be my first choice, I don’t want a miserable hungry baby that’s losing weight so these are my early days back up. I have a couple in my hospital bag too incase we need them whilst there.

Other breastfeeding essentials – I have some disposable nursing pads and reusable ones at the ready for when my milk comes in.

I also bought some nipple shields in case of soreness as I have read for a few people they have been a lifesaver. And likewise these compresses are apparently brilliant so I have a pack ready just in case.


Changing mats – Pretty much everyone on Instagram has one of these gorgeous Olli Ella changing baskets and I couldn’t resist getting one for the nursery. I also bought the basket insert and as I was still a bit concerned of errant wee/poo bought these washable, waterproof liners on the recommendation from Rebecca from Roses and Rolltops/RVK Loves.

I know i’ll be changing the baby a fair bit downstairs and so have one of these Bumbo Changing Pad’s *gifted to slide away under the sofa when not in use and slide out for changing throughout the day.

I have made up a basket of other changing essentials to keep downstairs too for ease, and also have a basket with muslins in. I have a selection now, including these, these and this gorgeous swaddle one.

Other essentials –  Of course I have all the changing essentials too. I have a few packs of Kit and Kin eco friendly nappies alongside with some Mammia ones from Aldi that everyone raves about. I have cotton balls and pads for the first weeks to use with warm water when baby’s skin is ever so delicate and even wipes are too much, then a few packs of water wipes for after that.

I’ve got stocks of Sudocrem and Bepanthen if there is any sign of nappy rash but obvs hope to avoid with regular changes and a little bit of air time!


Oh the clothes! I have been very restrained due to not knowing the gender of the baby, but I have bought some beautiful bits and bobs in as gender neutral colours/styles as possible. It isn’t that easy though and think there should definitely be more choice out there.

Some of my favourite items have comes from Joules, Mini Boden and Baby Mori – they seem to be the softest I have found so far, but like I said I haven’t bought much yet. Think once I know whether we have a boy/girl I am going to go all out crazy!

Hydrocotton Baby Robe
knitted pom pom hat
Elephant Sleepsuit
Giggle Supersoft baby Grow
Knitted cardigan
Stripy wrap body
printed ducks sleepsuit
3 pack ducks bodies
Hydrocotton Baby Robe
knitted pom pom hat
Elephant Sleepsuit
Giggle Supersoft baby Grow
Knitted cardigan
Stripy wrap body
printed ducks sleepsuit
3 pack ducks bodies

So, I think that is pretty much everything I have! Like I said, I expect some stuff we’ll use, some we won’t and Amazon Prime will be at the ready for anything I have forgotten.

Have I missed anything?

I’d love to hear what was on your essential newborn shopping list?

On a side note, I feel very lucky that a number of my favourite bloggers and Instagrammers have been pregnant at the same time as me/had baby’s just before me. It has been great for getting in the baby zone and for advice, tips and inspiration for what to buy. If you are looking for some new mum’s to follow, these are my favs:

Wendy at Thank Fifi
Laura Butler Madden
Rebecca at RVK Loves
Rosie at The Londoner
Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam
Phillipa Bloom from We are Twinset
Lily Pebbles
Anna from Blossoming Birds

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Claire x



  1. Alethiea
    September 15, 2019 / 10:13 am

    We’ve had a few breastfeeding issues this time around so have been combi feeding. We fed Otto on Kendamil as it doesn’t use palm oil, was creamier, made in the UK as well as other good things but we just discovered that they also supply Sainsbury’s. Same product (apparently Kate and Wills use Kendamil too) just in Sainsbury’s packaging (Sainsburys little ones) and it’s around £5 cheaper a tin. So we have searched to Sainsbury’s version as who doesn’t love a saving. Based on your nappy choice I thought I’d recommend aqua wipes they are more eco friendly than water wipes. At first I thought they were just a ‘copy’/rip off but they are actually better. I was worried they would feel dry but they don’t and I think they dissolve in 15 days or so.

    • greeneyed
      September 16, 2019 / 9:49 am

      ooh great tips, thank you so much Alethiea! Will definitely be looking at both of these products. Never even heard of Kendamil but it sounds like a really good choice 🙂 thanks love xxxx

  2. Clare
    September 15, 2019 / 10:47 am

    So glad you included the actomil starter pack. My friend gave me one, just in case, and I ended up using it at 3am on our first night home because my baby just wouldn’t latch. I felt awful at the time, but when the midwife told me my baby was dehydrated the next morning even having done that I was so glad I had

    So many people need to use formula in the early stages to ensure their baby is properly fed, even if they end up being breastfed, and I think classes make you feel like if you give one bottle of formula then breastfeeding won’t work. Of seven babies born in my group, five needed to use formula at first. All are fed breast milk now.

    • greeneyed
      September 16, 2019 / 9:54 am

      Aaah it is stories like this that made me buy it in the first place! I would love to breast feed, but like you say if that doesn’t work out straight away for whatever reason, It is so good to know I have something on hand, just in case 🙂 Thank you, Claire x