Finding the perfect sofa for my kitchen living area and a little revamp

Finding the perfect sofa for my busy kitchen living area

AD | A massive thank you to Aquaclean for partnering with me for this post and solving my many-year-long sofa dilemma

I have talked about finishing off this area of our kitchen properly for years, but have always struggled to find the right items – namely a sofa that could withstand the wear and tear of daily life in our most loved and used room in the house.

The kitchen and dining area part of the room was finished with relative ease (take a tour here), but the sitting area element was temporarily filled with seating left over from other parts of the house. It didn’t look great but it was fine for the time being. Fast forward many years and the odds and sods are still there and are very much looking worse for wear.

Finding the perfect sofa for my busy kitchen living area with a cat

What I needed

My requirements were pretty simple – I needed a sofa that fulfilled the following:

  • Able to withstand every day use
  • Not turn into a cat scratching post
  • Be comfy
  • Look good

Well, I thought it would be simple but I have searched high and low and turned up blanks time and time again.

The challenges

Firstly I guess I could have gone for any sofa that I loved the look of (and there were plenty) but I like to live in my home not keep it as a show home. I don’t want to perch on a throw on a sofa because I am scared to crease it or worse spill something on it. I wanted guests to feel at ease when I hand them a cup of tea or glass of wine, and for our nephews, Godchildren and friend’s little ones to be able to clamber over it without their parent’s having a heart attack.

The cat situation definitely added an extra dimension of difficulty as any fabric with a weave is instantly irresistible to my little furry friend, and her claws pull out those threads meaning it looks awful pretty quickly.

One solution to the cat issue was to pick a velvet which she seems to have no inclination to scratch at, but something didn’t feel quite right about having a velvet in a busy kitchen area?

The colour is another sticking point – I prefer a paler colour in this room but that means the sofa is prone to stains. Our current sofas have grubby marks where arms have rested, bottoms in jeans have snuggled in and where chocolate/wine/life has happened. A darker colour would help hide some of this, but then the white cat hairs would show up.

Throw in something looking good and being comfy meant that a decision has never been made and adding a baby on the way in to the mix made me think I was never going to find what I needed.

Finding the perfect sofa for my busy kitchen living area

The solution – enter Aquaclean

I can’t tell you how pleased I was when Aquaclean reached out to me to collaborate. I hadn’t heard of them before and I literally squealed with joy and breathed a sigh of relief as I read about the product. It literally solved my problems in one go!

Here’s how they describe it:

Aquaclean is a range of stylish, carefree sofa fabrics that are made, not sprayed. Every thread is finely coated with a completely natural, unique technology which means that nothing is impossible to remove… however long you leave it. Adding water coaxes the stain to the surface, so you can just grab a sponge to wipe the slate (sofa!) clean – and get back to having fun.

See my delight!

They create life-proof, family friendly fabrics that let you enjoy your sofa without worrying your sofa is going to get destroyed. And it looks and feels good too!

choosing fabrics

The plan

Moodboard for revamp of my kitchen living area

Floor lamp | Rose sofa | Square cushion |
Rectangle cushion | Large storage basket |
Small storage basket | Jute rug | White rug

My sofa is ordered and I feel so good about it, not scared that a whole load of money is going to be down the drain within three months of it arriving!

Aquaclean fabric is available on sofas from John Lewis (labelled as Aquaclean) and The Lounge Co (labelled as Family Friendly) as well as independent stores across the country. I loved that I was able to choose from such a huge range of options of style and fabric types and colours.

I have gone for the Rose sofa in Family Friendly Cotton Touch fabric in Violet Gin from The Lounge Co.

It is a pale grey sofa in a classic style that I think will blend in with our kitchen dining space really well. The fabric is very soft, almost velvet like but not a weave. Given that I’ll be able to wash it with water to remove any dirt or stains the paler colour isn’t worrying me, and the style of fabric should mean the cat doesn’t cause utter destruction (of course, that part is not guaranteed but I am extremely hopeful).

choosing the fabric

The Aquaclean fabrics

As we move from being a couple with pets to a full on family with a baby I know that if any accidents happen I can wipe them up with ease. I can carry on being carefree and have a stylish home – win win!

For the rest of the area, I am trying to continue being practical. For a rug, it is a big area so it is a bit tricky to get one large enough but I currently have my eye on a little double rug combo (budget allowing). Something like this natural rug as a base to add a little warmth of colour, and perhaps this indoor/outdoor rug layered on top. I also love this one, but perhaps it isn’t the most practical once baby is here.

I am going to add some more baskets to the area for baby stuff storage, and have my eye on these beauties from La Redoute.

I think I might do away with the coffee table and go with an upholstered footstool instead. This is so I have some space for the baby to play where it won’t bang into something hard but us adults still have somewhere to rest our feet.

I still have a few decisions to make such as whether to go for an identical sofa opposite or two chairs. I am going to wait until the sofa is in until I decide this.

And finally, the whole room is getting a repaint and whilst I am just keeping the walls and woodwork exactly the same (the walls are Timeless by Dulux), the island cabinets might get a little makeover. I am in love with Railings by Farrow and Ball so that might be the one.

So, a few things to still get sorted, but I am SO pleased to have finally found a solution to my sofa dilemma and to be on the way to getting this area finished.

I will keep you in the loop when the sofa arrives and report back!

Thank you again to Aquaclean for coming to the rescue and solving my sofa issue and sponsoring this post!



  1. Jo
    July 17, 2019 / 11:47 am

    I love this! We are searching for new sofas as our old ones haven’t survived 2 young children very well! Definitely need to investigate these, thanks for sharing.

    • greeneyed
      July 20, 2019 / 5:07 pm

      Will let you know how I get on! x

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