My new kitchen sofa has arrived!

AD | This post is part of an ongoing collaboration with Aquaclean 

Finally – FINALLY – I have a new sofa in our kitchen area and I am SO happy about it!

A few months ago I shared this post in glee at having found a solution to my kitchen sofa dilemma. And now it is here *commence happy dance*!

To explain, I have been holding out buying a sofa for my kitchen area for years because it needs to stand up to a lot of wear and tear in the busiest area of the house. And that was before a baby was on the agenda!

I knew I wanted something light in colour for this area, but surely that would mean it would get pretty filthy…much like our ‘temporary’ sofa has? (I say temporary because it has in fact been there for years now!).

Hoorah for Aquaclean!

When I found out about Aquaclean I sent a little prayer up to the fabric gods as it certainly sounded like my problem was solved.

Aquaclean is a range of sofa fabrics that can be easily cleaned and any stain can be removed using just water!

The fabrics have been made specifically for sofas and the best bit is that the magic is within the fabric, not just a guard that is sprayed over the top.

Every thread of material is coated with a completely natural, unique technology which means that nothing is impossible to remove… however long it is left!

You just need to add water to the stain which coaxes it to the surface and washes it off.

And the best bit is the fabrics and sofas are gorgeous. There is no compromising on style here.

My sofa arrived a couple of weeks ago and I love it! It is the 2.5 seater Rose sofa from The Lounge Co in Family Friendly (Aquaclean) fabric in Violet Gin.

I am a big believer that a home is for living and that means being able to sit on a pale sofa in dark jeans; enjoy a cup of tea or even glass of wine with your feet curled up after a long day; and having friends and family being comfortable and relaxed too.

So far I haven’t had to use the stain-removing super powers but I am not scared to sit on it…and with our baby due any day now I feel comfortable bringing a baby home to it too and that it isn’t going to get ruined.

So what do you think?

I am very much looking forward to sitting here sipping a long-awaiting glass of red wine soon!

Still not quite finished…

I’ve still got a little more work to do in this area though. If you read my previous post, you’ll know I was hoping to do a bit of a revamp to coincide with the new sofa. With one thing or another (mainly preparing for baby’s arrival) I haven’t been able to do as much as I hoped.

What we have done is:

*Refresh the paintwork in this room. I went for the same colour as before – Dulux Timeless which is a warm white.

*New cushions! Oh any excuse hey 😉 I have added a pop of warmth with this Neptune cushion and adore this Hunter & Co beauty too.

What I still would like to do is: 

*Replace the seating opposite our gorgeous new sofa. This is currently another ‘temporary’ sofa, an Ikea one bought second hand from Gumtree. The cat has decimated it! I would really like two armchairs but I am still on the hunt. Other option is to just duplicate the new sofa 🙂 Thoughts?

*Coffee table. The one here really is too small for the space. I initially I thought just a pouff but really I do use this area to sit and have drinks so need something to put mugs and glasses on. Perhaps I need something white as there is a lot of wood already going on with the dining table…

*I have bought two rugs for this space now and I’ve not loved either. The one we have is fine, but perhaps a bit small. Again, I will keep on looking.

*Painting the kitchen island is still on my wish list but other things are taking priority and probably will do for the forseeeable future. Who ever said a home was ever finished?!

But I am pretty happy for now with the progress we have made.

One for me, one for you…

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you where you can get your hands on your very own stylish, stress-free sofa.

Aquaclean is available on sofas in John Lewis (labelled as Aquaclean) and The Lounge Co (labelled as family friendly).

Cheers to beautiful sofas and red wine filled autumn evenings!

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Chasing Slow
Luxe three oval bamboo coffee table
The Kinfolk Home
Rose Sofa
Akar flat woven rug
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Chasing Slow
Luxe three oval bamboo coffee table
The Kinfolk Home
Rose Sofa
Akar flat woven rug
Malena Coasters
Kaya Cushion
Chiltern round mirror


  1. September 23, 2019 / 10:12 am

    congrats darling, it looks comfy and you have a beautiful corner there

  2. October 3, 2019 / 10:36 am

    We love how the Rose Sofa looks in your home. Gorgeous!

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