5 tips to finding the perfect wedding suppliers

Finding the perfect wedding suppliersFinding your perfect wedding suppliers is such an important step forward in creating the wedding that you want, but sometimes it can be challenging.

For me I had a clear idea of what kind of day I wanted and what kind of wedding suppliers would be able to help me achieve that…but finding and booking that dream team took some serious effort.

Here are my tips on how to find your perfect wedding suppliers

Research, research, research

To start off, you need to understand the different styles, options and budget levels of the type of supplier you want to find. I spent many hours looking at wedding blogs such as Style me Pretty, Love my Dress and Rock my Wedding at the different types of wedding and what elements made up those weddings. These blogs always include the supplier credits so it is a great place to start your search. For photography, I was instantly drawn to fine art photographers who used film and I knew I wanted flowers that were more natural and wild than perfectly poised bouquets – this was my starting point and gave me some key words to help narrow down my search and put me in the direction of the kinds of suppliers that I was after.

Finding the perfect wedding suppliers

Get recommendations

Once you have found one supplier – which is quite often your venue first, ask for recommendations. However, don’t feel obliged to use the venue’s preferred supplier list. Whilst they will know your venue intimately which will of course bring benefits, they may not necessarily have the style that you wanted for your wedding.

When planning my wedding I asked for photographer recommendations from my friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Jessie Thomson  and she provided me with a fabulous list. I found my brilliant photographer through her.

However, recommendations don’t need to come in through this kind of traditional route. I also spent a lot of time on social media and in particular Instagram – it is a great place to find wedding supplier recommendations. as wedding suppliers often work together and will credit each other in the posts. You will be able to see who suppliers rate and recommend through this. I found my florist Floribunda Rose through this route, and also saw that she had worked with my photographer before as well.

Chose people you like and want to work with

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of planning the wedding itself was working with talented, inspirational and like minded women who were brilliant at what they did and lovely people to boot. I made this a priority when I was booking my suppliers and I am so glad I did. I spent a lot of time liaising with Sarah from Floribunda Rose (read more about her and her business in my interview career profile here) and Aletheia from Xander and Thea and every correspondence and meeting was a joy and a pleasure and made the experience so much fun. I felt that I was working with very talented friends and had so much fun going through the details of my wedding with them.


Know when to give in

There are a couple of occasions when looking for wedding suppliers when I realised I needed to give in and let go. One was searching for a make up artist – I knew a lady I had done some work with before and therefore knew she was perfect.  I contacted her and after a couple of responses to say she would check my dates I never heard back. I kept checking in but didn’t get any responses back and in the end I felt like a stalker. I left it so late in the hope she would come back to me that two weeks before the wedding I had no MUA and went into panic mode to find someone else.

The other occasion was when I found brilliant suppliers that I loved and really wanted to work with, but simply couldn’t allocate the budget to. Little shout out to Jessie Thomson, The Wedding Stylist and Bureau Design who captured my heart and I so wanted to work with but wasn’t able to make it happen.

Finding the perfect wedding suppliers 4

Have trust and confidence

Finally, it is important to chose the supplier that you have trust and confidence in that they understand and will execute your vision. Before you book anyone, meet them face to face if possible but over Skype or a phone call if not as this will help to see whether they understand your brief.  When you find the right supplier, you will know that they totally understand what you want and are more than capable of achieving it.

It is also worth considering people you already know – I asked my regular hairdresser to do my and bridesmaids’  hair on the day as I knew she would be able to create what I wanted easily.


Are you looking for your wedding suppliers or do you have any tips in finding the perfect wedding suppliers? Please leave a comment below if so.

Photography by Xander and Thea.

See an overview of my wedding and a full supplier list here.

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