Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips now

Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips nowAre you a last-minute holiday booker? Or a planner?

I have always been the former but over the last couple of years we have started to get more organised and book our trips in advance.

Right now, when you still have a bit of a tan and you can vividly remember the feel of the sand between your toes it isn’t likely that booking next year’s trips are high on the agenda but I think it is the perfect time to dedicate some time to holiday planning.

Read on to find out why…Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips nowAll the pictures in this post were taken in the very beautiful Nina Trulli Resort in Puglia.

5 reasons why you should book your 2018 travel now

Have something to look forward to

I absolutely love travel and one of my favourite elements is having something to look forward to. We have all had one of those days (or weeks) when everything goes wrong; the weather is awful, you aren’t on your best form and you need something to look forward to.

For me that ray of light is a future trip especially during the cold, dark winter months here in the UK!

We always try to have one trip ‘in the bank’ i.e. booked and waiting in the wings. It means that whenever the weather is really getting me down or I need something to look forward to I have something fun to focus on.

To take it one step further a friend once said to me that the ideal situation is to always have two holidays booked. Can I get an ‘Amen’ to that!

Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips now

Plan strategically

Whilst there are a number of bonuses to booking your travel last minute (like, hello excitement and good deals), being able to strategically think about your travel plans in advance can bring a wealth of positives.

Firstly, it allows you to plan out where you can and can’t take time away around family and work commitments.

For us we have to carefully plan out when we are able to take time off from from our respective jobs at the same time. Leaving it until the last minute might mean I can’t take time off when my husband does so being forward thinking is essential.

Setting out the available dates also lets you space out your trips evenly. This year we ended up going on three trips within the space of one month, but the rest of the year felt pretty sparse. Planning ahead helps ensure we evenly space our trips across the year.

Of course if you have school-age children you are a little more restricted, but even planning which of the school holidays you will go somewhere and which you will stay at home for will help you plan better and book in advance.

Whilst I normally like a bit of spontaneity I have actually loved being able to sensibly space our time away out, plan around bank holidays to maximise annual leave and just know what exciting things are on the horizon!

Get a deal

In recent years there has been a emphasis on the last-minute travel deals you can get but we have found that having more time to research your options properly allows you to get the best deals.

Long haul flights and all inclusive holidays also tend to get more expensive the closer they get not cheaper and if you book early you can get the early bird deals which sometimes are limited in availability.

You can also take advantage of sales that come up. Many airlines and tour operators have January sales and it can be a great time to book your trips for later that year.

Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips now


I have lost count the number of times that I have found an amazing hotel or destination but not been able to go because it was fully booked for my dates.

Many smaller hotels or in vogue destinations book up quickly as they have fewer rooms and you can find yourself missing out on where you really want to stay.

Booking ahead allows you to nail down your first choice, saving time and heartbreak during the research and booking phase!

During our recent visit to Puglia, Will booked our two hotels well in advance as they were both very small (with only about 6-8 rooms) and filled up quickly. You can read more about our trip here.

Spread the cost and have time to save

Booking early can help take the pain out of paying for a trip in one go. Oftentimes we have been able to pay a deposit and then pay the rest of the balance a few weeks before leaving or at the end of the trip.

And do I even need to mention the fact that it allows you to spread your holiday-clothes shopping haul over a period of time? I a very guilty of needing wanting new clothes for each trip I go on and that can be expensive. Knowing I have a trip coming up means I can spread the cost of new items over a period of months rather than weeks.

ps don’t forget to book with a credit card. This protects you if any of the providers goes bust in the run up to your holiday.

Travel: 5 reasons why you should book your 2018 trips now

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What’s your take? Do you plan in advance or are
you more of a last-minute booker?



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