Healthy crumble recipe (that’s perfect for breakfast)

Healthy crumble? You might not believe it but it exists and it is just as good as it’s traditional cousin!

A delicious crumble is surely one of the greatest food related markers of autumn! Full of seasonal fruit, it is comforting and oh-so-moreish.

But the traditional recipe can leave you a little bit full and heavy, especially if it follows a good old Sunday dinner!

I created this healthy crumble recipe when I went sugar free a few years ago but even now when sugar is well and truly back in to my diet, this is my go-to crumble.

Refined-sugar free, wheat free and dairy free, there is none of guilt of a traditional pudding and yet all of the taste!

And i’ll let you in to a little secret – this healthy crumble is my absolutely favourite winter breakfast! I know, I know it sounds indulgent but it really isn’t and it is the perfect way to start the day. Filled with oats, fruit and healthy-fat nuts it will give you load of energy for the day ahead and you’ll feel like you have had a delicious treat.

Make a batch on a Sunday and you have breakfasts ready to go for the whole week ahead. Trust me, you’ll love it!

I like to have the healthy crumble for breakfast with plain or Greek yoghurt but it is equally as good smothered in custard or with a scoop of ice cream after that Sunday dinner too.

Either way, give it a go and I bet you won’t go back to the traditional recipe. It is so easy to make and even my husband (who claims he doesn’t like nuts) likes it.

(As a little aside, I have a new lens for my camera, what do you think? I am pretty pleased with the detail it has picked up. Now I just need to learn more of my camera’s settings!)

I have used apple and blackberry but you can use any of your usual crumble filling fruits – rhubarb, plum, pear… whatever takes your fancy and is in season.

My healthy crumble recipe


6 x apples (I use regular apples)

200g blackberries

220g Oats

Two big handfuls of your favourite nuts – I used pecans, almonds and cashews

Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Two tablespoons of maple syrup

One teaspoon cinnamon


Preheat your oven to 180C. Peel and core your apples and chop them in to chunks. Cook them in a pan with a dash of water for about ten minutes until they soften a little. If you have particularly sour apples you may want to add a splash of maple syrup in now. Place the apples in to your baking dish holding back a bit of the excess juices and pile the blackberries on top of them, dusting with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Blitz your oats in a food processor for about 10 seconds then add the cinnamon, coconut oil and maple syrup and give another blast until you can see it all start to come together. Add in your nuts and give it all a blast for about another ten seconds. The mixture should indeed look crumbly!

Pour the crumble mixture over your fruit and spread it about in an even layer. Pop in to the oven for 30 minutes.

Serve up straight away or keep in the fridge and use for breakfast when you need it.


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I would love to know if you give this a go so tag me in any of your pictures!




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