My favourite healthy winter recipes

I always like to joke that I eat a really balanced diet. I eat a whole person’s amount of healthy food and a whole person’s amount of junk food in any given day!

The perfect combination right? 😉

Joking aside, I am a big fan of cooking and to me it is the perfect way of switching off from a busy day. I find the whole process of chopping, stirring, creating and of course eating very relaxing, especially if it involves a glass of wine and some music.

I lean towards healthy meals that have tonnes of veggies, which in my book means it’s OK to accidentally eat a family bag of Sensations crisps every now and again. And biscuits. Or cake for breakfast. Or a few of these on a weekend!

Eating healthily is naturally that little bit harder in the winter when the call of something warm and stodgy is strong so I thought I would share some of my go-to healthy winter recipes that are tried and tested and I make on repeat.

They are nutritious, hearty and won’t leave you feeling like you are on some sort of diet.

My favourite healthy winter recipes

Warming Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice

By Deliciously Ella

Healthy winter recipes - warm beet juiceThis is so delicious and comforting and perfect for a cold day when you want warming up. I add a little cinnamon to it and if I am honest, it is as good as mulled wine – maybe even better!

Tip: I seem to struggle to find raw beetroot where I live but Waitrose seem to the be the most trusty stockist.

Read the recipe here and buy the cookbook here.

Simple Prawn, Coconut & Aubergine Curry

By Amelia Freer

Healthy winter recipes - simple, prawn, aubergine and coconut curryThe first time I made this I loved it so much I licked the bowl. It is SO tasty and easy enough to make as a midweek supper. I served it with quinoa but regular rice or cauliflower rice would also be great or even just scoop it up with a chapatti.

It would make a great dinner party meal – just make sure you double it as people will want second helpings!

Read the recipe here and buy Amelia’s latest cookbook here.

Indian Spiced Shepherd’s Pie

By Nigella

Healthy winter recipes - Indian spiced shepherd's pieThis was my absolute favourite go-to recipe last winter. The flavours are so gorgeous and I can’t believe that this isn’t how the original Shepherd’s Pie was always intended. As a non meat-eater I substitute the lamb for Quorn mince and I don’t think anyone has ever noticed!

It takes a little longer and more effort than the other recipes so is best suited for the weekend or if you have a couple of hours to cook but it is easy enough and well worth it.

You can see the recipe online here and buy the cookbook it is in here.

Sausage and (Cauliflower) mash

Sausage and cauliflower mash - Healthy winter recipes

Ah, an oldie but a favourite! When I really need a bowl of comfort food this is it.

I substitute regular potato mash for it’s less heavy, more nutritious friend cauli-mash and trust me when I say you don’t lose out in the flavour stakes.

I use this recipe for cauli-mash, pile on two or three (veggie for me) sausages and pour over lashings of red onion gravy. Oh, and of course let’s not forget the peas!

Warm Winter Salad

By Deliciously Ella

Healthy winter recipes - warm winter salad

This is such an easy mid-week supper and looks and tastes far more impressive than you would expect from the amount of time and effort it takes to make.

The first time I made it I didn’t think it would fill me up but it really is quite hearty. Although, a side of garlic bread doesn’t hurt. Life is all about balance after all!

You can see the recipe online here and buy the Deliciously Ella Everyday book here.

Chicken, Kale and Bean Stew

By Amelia Freer

Healthy winter recipes - chicken, kale and bean stewA friend alerted me to this recipe and it quickly shot to the top of my on-rotation recipe list.

Again as a non meat-eater I leave out the chicken, either substituting it with Quorn chicken pieces or not at all.

This recipe makes a big batch and so it is perfect to make on a Sunday and have as lunch for the coming week.

Read the recipe here and buy Amelia’s latest cookbook here.

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My other favourite healthy winter recipes are ones I just make up as I go along – such as this Gazpacho soup and this cauliflower cous cous salad with halloumi. Let me know if you would like me to write any more up to share.

And please share any healthy winter recipes you have. I am always on the look out for something new!

Photography of me by Marlene Lee