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Office inspiration3-1Before I launch into a couple more travel posts from my time in Kefalonia, Greece (see the first one here), I thought I would share with you some of the thoughts battling their way around my head that aren’t wedding plans… and that of course, if not travel, will always be home interiors.

I am what I like to think of as at the start of the end with the house…and that will no doubt take months, but as we reach our four year house-anniversary at the beginning of October, I am kicking myself into action to finally get it finished. And finished to me means actually putting curtains up on the bare windows,  kicking the rabbit out of the best room in the house (yes, my rabbit has her own room, sleeps on a bed and is LOVING life), emptying a room filled from floor to ceiling with junk – a room that that would even make Monica from friends’ cupboard look tidy, and I might even go as far as putting some pictures on the walls instead of just leaning them up.

Some progress is being made. This week finally saw the official hanging of curtains in the lounge…now just to get the seating completed and we may actually have a room ‘done’. Although, I could do with some more cushions, a picture or two, some side tables and another lamp or two….

But more excitedly, and for no logical reason, is the commencement of work on my office.

I have an idea, and I am on the path to executing it.

I am drawing inspiration from Alison Cayne’s gorgeous home (see her home tour here), and will be pulling elements from various parts of her home, together with my own style into what I hope will be a fun, inspiring and fulfilling room.

Office inspiration-2

Office inspiration-4

We are lucky to be able to use a bedroom as an office, but will include a sofa bed in there too so when we have an influx of guests we have ample room, and I LOVE the thought of having a seating area in my office too.

Here are the keys elements I am planning:

Pin wall

Office inspiration-5

As in Alison’s home, I want to include a huge pin wall above my desk which I will pin on inspiration, notes, keeps sakes and reminders. I have gone as far as ordering the huge roll of cork, and I am just waiting on Mr B’s brother, who very handily is a builder, to create a frame for it.

If you don’t want to diy, you can get pin boards here, here and here.

The desk

When we moved in all those (four) years ago, we found a neglected, old rusty wrought iron table base in the garden. Mr B’s dad kindly took it on as a project and took hours scrubbing all the old paint and rust off it. I have given it a couple of licks of paint and it is raring to go. It is just the base, so we need to find a table top and I am hoping to find a piece of marble to sit atop it. Budget allowing of course.

If I didn’t have my old, reclaimed desk, I might be tempted to go for a glass one like this or this.

The seating area

As I mentioned above, I am planning on having a sofa bed in there and perhaps even a coffee table if space allows. I’ll have to see once the sofa bed is in there with the table. Whilst I would love to go for the yellow/mustard as in Alison’s linking area, I think I am too chicken so i’ll probably go for a plain white sofa bed and add in the yellow/mustard elements. I have already bought this throw from West Elm and a similar one to this from H&M home.

I am considering Love your Home for Less’ gorgeous chesterfield or the more purse-friendly option, Ikea’s Backabro. 

In terms of coffee tables, I recently bought this beauty from Oliver Bonas which is currently in the living room but could move, or perhaps this trendy number from West Elm available at John Lewis.

If there is not enough space, perhaps this side table will do just nicely.

The gallery wall

Office inspiration-3

I have rather ashamedly never hung the lovely black and white David Ehrenstråhle Guide to London print that I took so long to hunt down. You know the ones, that are all over Pinterest and Instagram? You can read all about my hunt and where to buy them in my guide here. But worse than that, I also have a New York one that has never even been out of its tube. And I’ve had it about 18 months. So, I am thinking of using these beauties to create a black and white gallery wall, again drawing inspiration from Alison’s home, this time her dining area.

The storage

Office inspiration-6

I have rather a lot of books, and they are one of my most favourite interiors styling items (see one of my first ever blog posts on the subject here), so they will be a key player in my office. I also need storage for files – we need to get our paperwork in order and the way I am going to start this is by creating some space for order to live in. The first and most obvious storage solution will be shelving, and I plan to fill the two alcoves with it. I also have a small bedside cabinet I bought a while ago, and that can be used as well as possibly searching for an old architects unit. I would ideally like an old one, but there are some new, old style options available including this one.

So there you have it. The inkling of a lovely room. Now I just have to do it, but I expect until the wedding is done and dusted, this project will have to take a bit of a back seat. I promise to keep you posted as soon as I have something to show!

All pictures from One King’s Lane.



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